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STEM Lego Minifigs! For girls!

Have a kid, especially a girl, that is into science? Have kids that like Lego? Read here to learn about the history of STEM minifigs (Lego people), as well the secret code that will let you find which Series 11 … Continue reading

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Non-competitive & non-violent computer games for good causes!

I’m not a big fan of competition, but I do love challenging myself, and there are very few computer games that are really both challenging and non-competitive, but I found four this week, for a choose-your-own donation to a pair … Continue reading

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Wonder where I’ve been all week?

When it rains it pours.  When it pours, our roof leaks.  When our roof leaks, our bathroom ceiling falls in.  The night before the girls’ fifth birthday, no less. 

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A little light reading…

Wow – still pumped from participating in Sun Earth Day 2011 via twitter and ustream yesterday, live from Smithsonian Air and Space and Goddard Space Center!  #sed2011 FTW!!  Ok, Geeksquee moment over.  (Honest!)  What SED2011 means for you, gentle reader, is that I have … Continue reading

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MMOs and self-efficacy

The main reason I used to see the back of Daddyman’s head more than the front of it is summed up in one lengthy acronym:  MMORPGs.  For the unitiated into this particular branch of geekdom, that stands for Massively Multiplayer … Continue reading

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Easing into a new year

Homeschooling last fall could have gone better, so I’ve shifted things around rather dramatically, and we’re getting back to it fresh for 2011.  We will likely be segueing back into some table work in the next week or two, but … Continue reading

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