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Preventing the Habit of Procrastination

I am a terrible procrastinator. Actually, I’m a very GOOD procrastinator, in that I’m a total pro at it. I’ll do darned near anything to put off doing cleaning, and I’ll do cleaning to put off doing paperwork! Sort of … Continue reading

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Working From Home AND Homeschooling: Figuring Out How to Make It Work

First of all, let me dispel the myth that one cannot work full time outside the home and homeschool one’s children. It can totally be done, as I have friends who have done it, even single parents. That is their … Continue reading

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Identifying GT students in Pre-K: Choose your criteria wisely!

A recent Washington Post article talks about Maryland’s newly adopted guidelines for identifying gifted and talented students as early as age three.  Critics of the guidelines point out that such early identification processes are likely to overlook children of color, those … Continue reading

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Actions speak louder than words? Only when you don’t say anything!

My mother is British, and, like many Brits, drinks copious amounts of tea.  When I was a child, growing up near Boston, I used a tea set that she’d had when she was a girl in England during WW2, that … Continue reading

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Snapshot of a Day

The first book I read about homeschooling, about ten years ago, was Homeschooling: A Patchwork of Days, by Nancy Lande, which tells the stories of a single day in the life of dozens of homeschooling families. It was THE book … Continue reading

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My kid’s behaviour isn’t the problem. How I think about it is.

Beara is intense.  Sure, she’s creative, and funny, and loving, but sweet Mary on a pogo stick, sometimes I just really want her to leave me the heck alone. There are two ways that one could further describe my girl … Continue reading

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Came across a couple of great links today that I thought bore sharing.  One is a short video (of what promises to be a full-length documentary) on the importance of play, and the other is a fun stop-motion bit made … Continue reading

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Co-op? No, thank you.

I’ve just come to the disappointing decision that our family will not be participating in the local elementary homeschool coop this winter and spring.  The leader worked hard to bring the cost down, the activities sounded interesting, and I know … Continue reading

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Giftedness Is NOT an Ego Trip

I get it.  I do.  We all want to feel that our kids are athletic, creative, smart, and well-liked.  I GET that some folks see a label of gifted as meaning that one out of those four things is in the bag, and … Continue reading

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Television, our way

We, like many modern families navigating a media-filled world, worry about our kids getting too much screentime.  Newsflash: we do some stuff differently.  How we view TV, which we do a lot, is no different.

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