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STEM Lego Minifigs! For girls!

Have a kid, especially a girl, that is into science? Have kids that like Lego? Read here to learn about the history of STEM minifigs (Lego people), as well the secret code that will let you find which Series 11 … Continue reading

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My 5yo is a better feminist than I am

So, we were drawing reindeer for our front window the other day, when Big D asked for clarification of which gender each of Santa’s reindeer were.  I responded that I thought that  most folks thought they were all male, but … Continue reading

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A Storm I Welcome

I applaud the efforts of the parents of baby Storm, who have chosen to try and raise a nongendered child.  I love that their older boys wear what they like (including pigtails and sparkly dresses), and that they want to take this … Continue reading

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‘Gendering’ has five letters more than it should.

I am a tough person to shock.  Srsly.  Ergo, I was a taken aback when I found myself shocked in Toys “R” Us last year.  (Note: I shop there as a last resort second only to Wal-Mart, but hey – … Continue reading

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