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From here to the moon…

Cultivating wonder is one of my major jobs as a science educator, so you’d think that I’d have pushed for my kids to see LADEE launch last night. Nope. *I* saw LADEE blaze across the southern skies last night, an … Continue reading

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Do Creationist curricula meet the National Standards?

This question was just brought up on a list I belong to by a person wishing to homeschool with a Christian worldview, and I thought I’d try to address it.  Here’s what I wrote in response:

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The last eight weeks…

… have been our usual Spring Rush.  Here are some highlights: We’ve celebrated five birthdays, including my mom’s 75th, and my 40th.  The girls are now  six, which completely blows my mind.  (Turning 40 was cake compared to dealing with … Continue reading

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Lo! A Planet in the East!

Yeah, I’m a geek.  We celebrated the first day of December by (finally!) pulling out the kids’ telescope and taking a peak at Venus, about 30* up in the Eastern sky.  Not quite the star over Bethlehem, but it still … Continue reading

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Newsflash: Evolution can be both a theory and functionally true

Paul Krugman, in this article in the New York Times, says “Mr. Perry, the governor of Texas, recently made headlines by dismissing evolution as “just a theory,” one that has “got some gaps in it” — an observation that will come … Continue reading

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Non-competitive & non-violent computer games for good causes!

I’m not a big fan of competition, but I do love challenging myself, and there are very few computer games that are really both challenging and non-competitive, but I found four this week, for a choose-your-own donation to a pair … Continue reading

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We’re Taking The Summer ON!

If folks in the deep (read: hot and muggy) South want to ‘take the summer off’ from homeschooling, I can understand, but for those of us in Vermont, summer is the only time we can actually get out and about … Continue reading

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Our New Theme Song

NASA is holding a contest for a wake-up song for the astronauts of Endeavor STS-134.  You can listen to the ten finalists (and vote for your favorite) here.  Boogie Woogie Shuttle and Rocket Scientist are very catchy, but Dreams You … Continue reading

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Blast Off! and Our Field Trip Too Far Afield

When we walked out our door on our way to book club this morning, there was still 2′ of snow in *our* yard, but two blocks away I pointed out the van window and said  “see that green stuff, kids?  That’s … Continue reading

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Their Solar Stystem Poster Project, Not Mine

So, the Solar System project has stalled out.  Yes, I could breathe new life into it, and likely get them working on it again, but I’m angsting about whether I *want* to drag a pair of still-four-year olds back to … Continue reading

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