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Wasn’t going to post today*, but…

Buddy just read his first sentence: “Gus runs in the mud.” Thank you cuddle-school and! *in protest of the poorly written SOPA bill.  

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Learning to read at the Mall?

Yup!  Daddyman had an eye appointment, and I needed my glasses frames adjusted, so we both had to go, but would have time to kill.  What to do with three kids at the mall? (Other than the obvious; buying stuff that … Continue reading

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Spiffiness on a Sunny Fathers’ Day*

We were completely and utterly derailed this past week by my getting a very nasty case of poison ivy on my hip, but we did what we could!   (Buddy was cuddled up for warmth and nursing access while we were camping last … Continue reading

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We’re Taking The Summer ON!

If folks in the deep (read: hot and muggy) South want to ‘take the summer off’ from homeschooling, I can understand, but for those of us in Vermont, summer is the only time we can actually get out and about … Continue reading

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No books? No thank you!

by jscreationszs – If only my books were really so colorful! Craig, our Contractor of Awesomeness was inside today, cutting trim to go around the inside of our skylights.  I was doing some handsewing literally in his shadow, and asked, … Continue reading

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Differential Instruction and Twins

Big D asked me today, when Beara announced that she was almost done with her Get Ready for the Code: Book A (a primer for Explode the Code, aka ETC), “why do Beara and I have different ETC books?”  Big … Continue reading

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MMOs and self-efficacy

The main reason I used to see the back of Daddyman’s head more than the front of it is summed up in one lengthy acronym:  MMORPGs.  For the unitiated into this particular branch of geekdom, that stands for Massively Multiplayer … Continue reading

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Red Clover Book Club, now with DIY Octopi!

As much as my kids loved my *telling* them the story of Goldilocks the other night, they still said they prefer it when I *read* to them.  “Why?” I asked, a little crestfallen.  I could *hear* their Duh, Mom looks … Continue reading

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I posted yesterday about a couple of fun children’s books about the moon and Mars.  I described them as non-fiction, since that is how they were shelved in our local library, and that is how they were described in the … Continue reading

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Easing continues…

Well, unforeseen circumstances mean that the easing into will continue this week, but that’s ok:  Buddy has been (finally!) welcomed into the girls’ imaginary play as a key character, if not quite a fully equal one, and they are *constantly* … Continue reading

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