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A Day of Extremes

When I read the logs of other homeschoolers’ days, I’m usually struck by how awesome they sound, and wonder how the heck they manage it, or by horrible they sound, and how the heck did they manage to *survive* it. … Continue reading

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Preventing the Habit of Procrastination

I am a terrible procrastinator. Actually, I’m a very GOOD procrastinator, in that I’m a total pro at it. I’ll do darned near anything to put off doing cleaning, and I’ll do cleaning to put off doing paperwork! Sort of … Continue reading

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Working From Home AND Homeschooling: Figuring Out How to Make It Work

First of all, let me dispel the myth that one cannot work full time outside the home and homeschool one’s children. It can totally be done, as I have friends who have done it, even single parents. That is their … Continue reading

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Snapshot of a Day

The first book I read about homeschooling, about ten years ago, was Homeschooling: A Patchwork of Days, by Nancy Lande, which tells the stories of a single day in the life of dozens of homeschooling families. It was THE book … Continue reading

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Two weeks to build a habit

You know the pop-psych adage that says that it takes doing something for two week to make something a habit?  Well… I was on a total roll before the holidays.  I’d up (around 7 AM), use the facilities, then pop … Continue reading

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When somewhere is home…

Kate, over on Skipping School, asked, as an aside, when your parents’ home stops being your other home.  One of her commenters said that it happens when you have kids of your own, and your emotional-self centers in your own … Continue reading

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4:4:4 How We’re Homeschooling Without The Headaches

A couple of weeks ago, I was being a Homeschooling Harpy; the Mom who nags that it is homeschool time, and then fights to keep her kids in their seats.  I kept trying to jazz it up, but what I reallly … Continue reading

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Mean, but true: I am my childrens’ disability.

That’s what the case worker from the state’s support services said to my husband and I as she sat on the floor playing with my two healthy and developmentally on-target two month old girls, having just finished their screening.  The sad part is that, … Continue reading

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Week in Review: Feb26-Mar5, 2011

Coolest unschooly investigation of the week: Big D asked what makes it so spiders can climb walls?  This site was more in depth than I thought she would want, but no – I found myself explaining chitin, setae, and Van der Waals … Continue reading

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Week in Review: Feb 21-25, 2011

We got a lot done this week, maybe because it was actually sunny every day!  (Yes, it is snowing again today.  Shush.)

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