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STEM Lego Minifigs! For girls!

Have a kid, especially a girl, that is into science? Have kids that like Lego? Read here to learn about the history of STEM minifigs (Lego people), as well the secret code that will let you find which Series 11 … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day with Little Lady Love

Back when Beara was a tiny infant, she got the nickname Little Lady Love.  Today offers a good example of why we still call her that…

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What being flexible allows us!

Haven’t posted in a few days because we had already had a busy weekend away planned when we learned that one of our family-by-choice wasn’t going to be able to attend without some serious intervention.  Lo, our three day weekend … Continue reading

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I’m kind of scared of power tools.  I know how to use them, but I don’t have the right benches and clamps to hold things while I work, so I always feel a bit encumbered when working, and thus unsafe. … Continue reading

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Came across a couple of great links today that I thought bore sharing.  One is a short video (of what promises to be a full-length documentary) on the importance of play, and the other is a fun stop-motion bit made … Continue reading

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Holidays at our house

My big present to the kids this year is that I reclaimed the front room, so we have a place to work on projects, a place for mommy to be when I wake up so I don’t wake THEM up, … Continue reading

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Halloween 2011

So, Big D was a tiger, because, as she told him when he asked “they are endangered, Grampa!” When I asked if she’d like people who saw her costume to understand if this is why she wore it, she said YES, … Continue reading

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And we’re off!

The Not-Back-To-School Picnic today was fabulous, with about 110 of us down at Oakledge Park,  right on the (somewhat polluted by the hurricane) Lake.  The kids played, the adults schmoozed, and a great start to our homeschooling year was had by all! Then, … Continue reading

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First Harvests

Summer in Vermont is a time to soak up some green; some living, vibrant, sunshiny energy to get us through the seasons of brown and white to come.  Driving south to central Vermont yesterday, I acknowledged the outrageous amazingness of mile after mile … Continue reading

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Kids can be safe without being infantilized

Just posting my support of the FreeRangeKids movement (back to sanity) with some wonderful examples anecdotes of my own. Last year, while camping with friends and acquaintances, my husband was trying to start an embroidery project when Buddy, not yet two, really … Continue reading

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