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A Day of Extremes

When I read the logs of other homeschoolers’ days, I’m usually struck by how awesome they sound, and wonder how the heck they manage it, or by horrible they sound, and how the heck did they manage to *survive* it. … Continue reading

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Preventing the Habit of Procrastination

I am a terrible procrastinator. Actually, I’m a very GOOD procrastinator, in that I’m a total pro at it. I’ll do darned near anything to put off doing cleaning, and I’ll do cleaning to put off doing paperwork! Sort of … Continue reading

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Working From Home AND Homeschooling: Figuring Out How to Make It Work

First of all, let me dispel the myth that one cannot work full time outside the home and homeschool one’s children. It can totally be done, as I have friends who have done it, even single parents. That is their … Continue reading

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Update to the Curriculum page!

I’m sitting down next to a large pile of nearly pristine workbooks we’ve acquired for this year, so I figured I would update our curriculum page to show what we’ve got here and why. I’ll let you know when I’ve … Continue reading

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From here to the moon…

Cultivating wonder is one of my major jobs as a science educator, so you’d think that I’d have pushed for my kids to see LADEE launch last night. Nope. *I* saw LADEE blaze across the southern skies last night, an … Continue reading

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STEM Lego Minifigs! For girls!

Have a kid, especially a girl, that is into science? Have kids that like Lego? Read here to learn about the history of STEM minifigs (Lego people), as well the secret code that will let you find which Series 11 … Continue reading

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Hey, Stranger! Long time, no see!

I haven’t posted here in well over a year, but I’m back, and looking to get back to documenting our lives a bit, and talking about what education is, and can be. The major reason for the hiatus was that … Continue reading

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Fireworks of a different sort: Higgs Boson!

Have been off being, instead of here writing, but just came across a great little video that helps explain the Higgs theory pretty well, as well as what the heck all these little particles are, what the LHC is, etc. … Continue reading

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Do Creationist curricula meet the National Standards?

This question was just brought up on a list I belong to by a person wishing to homeschool with a Christian worldview, and I thought I’d try to address it.  Here’s what I wrote in response:

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The last eight weeks…

… have been our usual Spring Rush.  Here are some highlights: We’ve celebrated five birthdays, including my mom’s 75th, and my 40th.  The girls are now  six, which completely blows my mind.  (Turning 40 was cake compared to dealing with … Continue reading

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