The last eight weeks…

… have been our usual Spring Rush.  Here are some highlights:

We’ve celebrated five birthdays, including my mom’s 75th, and my 40th.  The girls are now  six, which completely blows my mind.  (Turning 40 was cake compared to dealing with the idea that my girls are SIX.  Where does the time go??)  We all had wonderful times with family and friends, and our presents and celebrations were thoughtful and lovely.  I’m especially pleased that the girls love our having made them official Daisy Girl Scouts for their birthday; we’re going to do it as a family, perhaps with some other homeschooled girls, and see how it goes.  🙂

I got sick four times, and at least one child joined me in welcoming each new virus.  My computer also BSOD’d twice, which fouled me up almost as badly, as you can well imagine.

All three kids had dental checkups.  The girls were still cavity free, but Buddy has EIGHT cavities, and we start in on fillings next week.  He nurses, they didn’t (bottles of breastmilk until 22 months), and different genetics.  Still, OUCH.  (Wish us all luck!)

Beara in her favourite outfit, running around the playground walls in the sunshine, enjoying her birthday. 🙂

All three kids tried Reading Eggs for their free 35 day trial via the homeschool coop.  We enjoyed it (Big D did 12 lessons one day), but the price tag (since it is per child, not per family) is just too much for us to justify.  Nice to get a better handle on their actual reading levels though; the computer interface made them willing to really push themselves in a way that allowed me to see exactly where they were struggling.

We’ve taken advantage of Daddyman’s flexible work schedule, our new-to-us road worthy minivan, and the hospitality of friends and family to go on four trips to Massachusetts for birthdays, beach combing, SCA events, and the Cambridge Science Festival, which included National Astronomy Day at the Clay Center Observatory (so much fun that it will get it’s own post).

Big D checks out Venus at the Clay Center Observatory (Brookline, MA) during National Astronomy Day.

The girls had their WJIII testing, did great (at or above age level in all areas except writing, which we’re working on), and I put together our paperwork for the Vermont Home Study office.  They are now officially registered homeschoolers!  (I’ll post more about their testing, and our experience with the Home Study office, including the minimum course of study I put together for them, soon.)

We wrapped up our spring classes and year long programs; dance class, book club, and the creative problem solving group I ran at our local library.  I’m planning to run two days of playground physics sometime later this spring, when the temps decide to stay above freezing for a week or more.  Only speech therapy continues until the end of the public school year, and Big D continues to have fun making great strides, so we’re glad!

A robin’s nest in my mom’s rhododendron. Bon chance, little birds! April 30, 2012.

Also?  Spring is coming, after a long winter-that-wasn’t.  Nothing much flowering here in Vermont yet that hasn’t been destroyed by our much needed but ruinous rain, so here’s a parting shot of robin eggs in my mother’s garden in Boston.  Pardon the lack of focus, but I wasn’t sure there was anything IN the nest until I took this picture, holding the camera up over my head.  Enjoy!

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