What do you call the ‘other’ school?

I used to call it ‘regular’ school, until I realized that homeschool was regular to our kids.  Then I called it  ‘school in a building’ until I realized that most of our school was in a building, that being our home.  ‘School outside the home’ didn’t work though, as we  DO go to a lot of outside the home activities as part of our homeschool.  I tried calling ours the unschool, but the kids didn’t go for that, even though that is a lot of how we work.

My newest name for the ‘other’ school?  ‘School by the clock’; we look at the clock for when we have to be somewhere, but otherwise learning and living happens when and how we like it.

What do YOU call the ‘other’ school?

(Funny: I’ve gotten a lot of hits on the site the last few days from folks looking for Big Bang Valentines, presumably ones based on the TV show, but they keep getting directed to my blog post about astronomy last February instead!)

my blog post from last year’s astronomy projects instead!)

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