YES! Put the T & E in STEM!

Just read a terrific article about how one engineering and technology teacher puts those two letters back in the STEM education package.  My former dean at RISD called for STEAM education, adding that Art education helps bring the creative process into the equation.

I think that math and science are wonderful, as you know, but DOING something with them is where technology and engineering come in, and art helps build the creative thinking skills necessary to make that connection.

The tech and engineering at play in our homeschool this morning? Lego.  Three boxes, one of creator, and two of Kingdoms, were strewn and built.  We followed  directions to see how engineers think to put pieces together to make things to build cool little dudes with towers and catapults.

Putting the T and E in STEM ain’t hard folks – its letting kids actually PLAY with the science and math you teach them!

No compensation whatsoever for mentioning the educational value of Lego, but if they want to make the Friends like a little less sickeningly pink and vapid, I’d certainly be grateful.
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