What being flexible allows us!

Haven’t posted in a few days because we had already had a busy weekend away planned when we learned that one of our family-by-choice wasn’t going to be able to attend without some serious intervention.  Lo, our three day weekend became a SIX-day weekend, our van got a trip across the Canadian border, and our house got one heck of a lot tidier than it would have gotten if we’d just been packing to BE houseguests rather than HAVE a houseguest.

In short: no posts for most of a week, and 100% worth it.  >:)

(Also, no way this would have worked half as well if the kids had been in by-the-clock school!)

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One Response to What being flexible allows us!

  1. Grandma Freya says:

    And I very much appreciated the intervention. *grin*

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