Verbatim: Buddy, on Space

Buddy decided not to go into dance class with his sisters this week, but to sit in the waiting area with me and the other parents.  He was telling one of the awesome moms there all about the moon, and rockets, and meteors, and astronauts, and…

Cool Mom: “So have you *been* to space, Buddy?”

Buddy, deadpan: “not yet.”

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3 Responses to Verbatim: Buddy, on Space

  1. Grandma Freya says:

    I love it when adults underestimate a child’s knowledge and sense.

    Arnon, at 2 1/2 in response to a question about what his mommy had in her belly was…with a truly disgusted expression on his face….. a BABY of course!!


    • Siggi says:

      This wasn’t a matter of someone underestimating him, but of engaging with him in his world. She’s a really cool mom who GETS my kids, so all good. >:)

  2. Grandma Freya says:

    Ah,,,, okay. 🙂

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