Big D in the mask she made at her first sleepover party!

Came across a couple of great links today that I thought bore sharing.  One is a short video (of what promises to be a full-length documentary) on the importance of play, and the other is a fun stop-motion bit made by adults who not only embrace the value of play in their own lives, but who post the results to YouTube!

Do YOU play enough?  Sure, you play with your kids or your students, but does that meet*all* your play needs?  I like playing with my kids, but grown-up play isn’t all tea-parties and blocks; I’ve been designing a new loom this week!  Play can be productive work, if you are really, wonderfully into it, doing it for your own pleasure, and, likely, losing all track of time!  Get out and PLAY!

Seriously!  The Future Depends on Play  Far better and more informative than I’d have guessed it would be, worth your time, esp if you are worrying about your kids learning ‘enough’ each day.

The Joy of Books  These lovers of real print books obviously either own the bookstore they rearrange ad infinitum for this film, or owe the owners BIG TIME.  Either way, this film is lovely, both for the skill with which they did the stop-motion, and for the sheer joy you can tell they had filming it!


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3 Responses to Play!

  1. freya46 says:

    Very nice mask. I think the feathers so close to my nose might make me sneeze though. 🙂
    While I don’t know the owners, I do know the bookstore in Toronto. I think I’ve even bought books there at some point in my visits. 🙂 It is very very cool. 🙂

  2. Siggi says:

    Ah, Toronto: that explains it! I’ve only been there a few times, but it seems like a city that takes itself just seriously enough, and no more than necessary! So, Freya, do YOU play enough?

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