Still on vacation, because we can be…

One of the biggest things I love about homeschooling is that after spending yesterday with my Dad for his 87th birthday, we didn’t have to jet home today for school tomorrow.  We hope to get out to some of the museums here in Boston this week (now that all the schools are back in session), but with 2/3 of the kids and 1.5/2 parents down with fevers (Daddyman is only down half the time), we’re playing it by ear.

No one got sick until this past weekend though, so there has been plenty of time for taking pictures of cute kids.  For those just tuning in for the first time, courtesy of my mentioning this blog in our holiday letter, here are the promised shots of the kids.  Enjoy!  For everyone else, pretend that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that this therefore counts as a real post.  😉

Buddy got this tie-dyed pillowcase from Daddyman's young cousins, but *insists* that it is really a blanket, as you can see. How can I argue with him when he's being that cute?

This turned out to be the best part of church on Christmas eve. Since the kids are well-behaved enough, we took them to the adult service, which turned out to be incredibly boring, even to me. No magic, no miracle - the traditional hymns managed to make it tolerable, but only just. The kids were troopers, but good thing we got there early, so they had time to play in the basement first!

Big D found the hat that Santa dropped while snacking between deliveries, and Beara rocked her Rudolph silly animal headband. They always love getting new Christmas jammies!

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3 Responses to Still on vacation, because we can be…

  1. freya46 says:

    The picture of Buddy isn’t there 😦 But the two I’m seeing are awesome. 🙂 Yes it is a good thing not to have to rush off. 🙂 Hopefully everyone will be healthy quickly.

    • Siggi says:

      Thanks for the head’s up, Freya! He’s there now, but you may want to don some sunglasses to ward off the force of his smile! 🙂

      • freya46 says:

        Youre right. Absolutely great. 🙂 And it can be a blanket, especially if it’s a well washed cotton pillow case. 🙂 Or, he could always wear it or bag himself. *grin*

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