This complete lack of posts has been brought to you by…

So much for my blogging streak, eh?  Remember the post I did a week ago about my computer woes?  Yeah…

That was two new computers ago.  Srsly.  First I got a Dell i7, but then I did a much needed paradigm shift: laptops simply don’t last enough to warrant buying power for the future, esp with kids in the house.  Returned that and got an HP i3, which I thought was going to be the one for me, until it started sputtering over Civ 5.  Epic fail when an empty, brand new system can’t handle a strategy game that came out over a year ago.  It went back today.

Turns out that I need a dedicated graphics card.  It might sound silly to return a good system over a few glitches in a single game, but kicking Ramses’ and Montezuma’s butts is incredibly therapeutic, even if I do have to pay Dr Nvidia some token for the privilege.  Like I said to my Mom this afternoon, this is somewhat akin to returning a TV because it won’t pick up PBS, but in our family that would be a BIG deal.

Anyway, here I am, blogging on the microscopic screen on my kids’ Gateway netbook while DH researches new systems for me, one of which will hopefully be in my possession in the next three or four days.  I’m holding onto that old saw about the third time being the charm.  Wish me luck!

Darned good thing that I had already decided that NaNoWriMo was just not meant to be this year.  I love my story idea, but the willingness to write utter crap that carried me through my last three wins just isn’t in me this year.  (Don’t get me started on DH’s ability to write 25K in a single day and have it all actually be worth reading.  Grr.) To my muses, I report that I *will* return to my Intergalactic Girl, but not likely during this month.  Thank you for your support!











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