Dear NaNoWriMo Noob: Week 1

I’m not an old timer, but I’m 3 for 3, so here’s what I know:  You, with your huge leads, and near cybernetic connections to your word files, are IN LOVE.  You are experiencing New Relationship Energy; that phase, when you are first seeing someone new, when you stay up all night talking, showing each other your scars, saying (with wonder in your voices) how no one else really *gets* you.

Newsflash for those of you in De Nile: IT DOESN’T LAST.  Somewhere early in week 3, or around 25-37K words, (if not before!) you **WILL** want to break up with your novel.  At that point, you stick it our for your kids, by which I mean your 50K mark.  (Your novel can’t abuse or neglect anyone, and you characters don’t drink unless you tell them to.  You can do *whatever you want* to your characters to get even.  It makes it worth it.)

SO: work your NRE for every word it is worth.  The bigger lead you can ramp up now the better.  Yes, you might hit that I’m-breaking-up-with-you wall sooner, but you will also have more time to get on couples-counseling before December 1st.

Meanwhile, Nanowrimo and I are over the honeymoon at this point – even with my new story, I’m catching glimpses of what once was, but never at a time I can do anything with it.  I haven’t even broken 3K yet, and here we are on Day 5!  >.<

In summary: apply butt to chair/fingers to keyboard/brain to cybernetic connection as much as you can – don’t worry about what comes out, just GET IT OUT.

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2 Responses to Dear NaNoWriMo Noob: Week 1

  1. Robin Hawke says:

    I wanted to break up day one…my main character is an immature brat, getting younger acting by the day. I’m getting the words out, on track, meeting the goals to finish before Thanksgiving, but notice each day it is harder to start and takes longer to finish. Robin

    • Siggi says:

      Well, my MC is immature too, but she’s only five, so I guess that is to be expected. 😉

      Just TYPE. Even if what you type is “I can’t believe I’m writing this rubbish. She’s being a git, and I’m tired of her whining!!!!!” All words count, and – eventually! – all ranting at your characters eventually turns back into story. Honest! Keep at it!!!

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