This Sandwich Meat is Squished

I’m an only child, my mother is on a plane over the Atlantic, and my Dad is in the ER with a wacky EKG.  He is also probably the worlds’ worst self-reporter, and gets easily overwhelmed by hospitals and medical language in general.

He’s also four hours away, and I don’t have any legal paperwork saying I can speak to his doctors.  They did finally speak to me, but OI, what a run-around.

He didn’t want to be admitted, and told me that I was betraying him by thinking he should go along with their suggestion, because he felt *fine*.  (He went in grudgingly with a sore shoulder, not his left.  The EKG find was just part of his workup.)  I tried to explain to him that yes, it probably *was* nothing, but coal miners thought the air was fine too, until they saw canaries keel over, and that is what a wacky EKG is – a keeled over canary.  He didn’t like that explanation very much, since he doesn’t want to be there, but at least I think he understood it.

… and now I’ve been distracted enough that my daughter just scratched herself across the cornea with my scissors, so I’m off to the ER with *her*.

Good thing I have lots of leftover chocolate from Halloween…

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2 Responses to This Sandwich Meat is Squished

  1. Grandma Freya says:

    OH SHIT!!!! Let me know what’s happening. (((((HUGS)))

    • Siggi says:

      Mom just got home, and is off to see Dad, who is being Dad. Beara is ok; she has a cut across her cornea, antibiotic cream, and an appointment with a pediatric opthamologist, just to be sure. Thanks for the hugs – it has been one heck of a day.

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