Halloween 2011

So, Big D was a tiger, because, as she told him when he asked “they are endangered, Grampa!” When I asked if she’d like people who saw her costume to understand if this is why she wore it, she said YES, and we decided on the wording “Protect Wild Cats” together.

Beara decided to be a vampire, but was willing to be a dragon again this year (we still have the costume) if I didn’t have time to help her make it after working on D’s Tiger.  We got it though, and she did *astoundingly* well in that mask, too.  She even “accidentally” got some ketchup on her faux-cravat at dinner, so she could look more the part.  No performance genes in that girl, no siree.

Buddy wanted to be a prince, but decided to leave his sword, helm and armor at home.  I guess he felt pretty safe with both a vampire and a tiger (as well as Mama) in his entourage.  He instead chose to go with true princely bearing; he was classy and thoughtful all evening long, charming everyone we met, at least right up until his bag o’loot got to heavy and he wanted to come home and go to sleep.  He bummed a yummy looking apple off one neighbour, and ate it to the core while walking up the next block.  Too cute.

Anyway, my kids rock.  As sucktastic as it was trying to get the house decorated and ready for our lonely “please take 2” sign, since Daddyman had to work, and as stressed out (read: “pissy”) I got with kiddos who lost the same item over and over again as sunset neared, we had an absolutely fabulous time once we got out of the house, and right on time, too.  Perfect weather, tons of kids, neighours who dote on my kids, who were having a blast, and me, soaking it all in…

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One Response to Halloween 2011

  1. Grandma Freya says:

    *happy sigh* 🙂

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