Beara’s Latest Novel: A Halloween Tale about Scale

(Beara made this physical book in a class last summer, with musical end note papers and everything, so now that she’s drawn this lovely little tale in it, I’m loathe to bend it open enough to get flat shots, so sorry about my fingers!  There are many more pictures than this, but you get the idea.  (Also, they got kind of hard to see once she started going DOWN in scale instead of up!) This came out at approx 27 sentences long (she didn’t dictate punctuation!) and her NaNoWriMo goal is a 50 sentence story, so this was a great warm up, especially since she did it in a day, and *completely* on her own.  I had no idea she was writing a story until she came to me to dictate it, illustrations in hand.  Enjoy!)

Once there was a very terrible storm.
The Halloween butterfly was flying away, trying to get away from the
lightning that fell on the house.




Well, at least the children were
ok underneath the bright, bright moon. They were dressed like
Rapunzel (let down your hair) and Jack (who built the beanstalk).
They went trick or treating. There was also a witch who made a
magical potion.  The trick or treated to every house in the world
that didn’t get hit by lightning bolts.

As they followed the giant
decorations, they came up to a giant house.  There was the giant who
climbed down Jack’s beanstalk!  They invited him to go trick or
treating with them.  That made the giant very happy, until …


they found
an even bigger house on the next block!  A giant giant came out of
the house, and he was so big that they couldn’t even see his head.
They invited him to come trick or treating, too.  Then they saw a
house even bigger than any of them.  The giant that came out was so
big that none of them could ever see his face, or even his heart.
Then out came a giant that no one could see his face, heart or even
his belly!  They invited these giants to come trick or treating too.
Then they all came to a little house, as small as mice; it was a
mouse house!  They invited the mice too.  Next they saw an even
littler house, it was an ant’s house underneath the bright moon.
Then the children saw an even littler house; the children thought it
was a little tiny ants house, until they saw a little itsy bitsy
house that they didn’t know if anyone was even in it, underneath the
bright moon.  Then they saw an even littler house.  They were so
surprised!  They invited the little creatures who lived there that
they couldn’t even see to come trick or treating too, which made them
so happy!  When they were all done trick or treating, they all shared
their candy.  The end.

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2 Responses to Beara’s Latest Novel: A Halloween Tale about Scale

  1. Grandma Freya says:

    Absolutely fabulous. 🙂 and that’s not just proud Grandma talking, either. 🙂

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