My apologies, Gentle Reader…

You’d think that I would have lots of extra time now that soccer season is over, but I’ve been wonderfully crazy busy with prep/attendance/recovery from the New England Conference for Gifted and Talented, held here in Vermont the other week.  I’m working on a couple of credits of independant study around it, and have been up to my armpits in literature, learning the details of the latest APA citation rules, and, since this last weekend, snotty, feverish children.  Just what I needed, right?  Especially since they seem to have been ‘generous’ enough to share their germs with me?  >.<

Anyway, my work is due this coming Saturday, then we have two days to prep for Halloween, then we get to jump into Nanowrimo and multiple trips to Boston, so bear with me, eh?  Please?

Here are some uber awesome links to repay you for your patience:

The Young Writer’s Program of National Novel Writing Month: This is the kid’s/educator’s version of the adult Nanowrimo, and WOW – if you have no idea what I’m talking about here, GO.  GO NOW.  Creative writing has never been more social, more fun, more supported, and just plain FUN, and yes, that was worth mentioning twice.  Homeschoolers/Educators should particularly look at the 100% Non-Lame Writing Workbooks, available to download free, or all shiny and delivered to your door in the store.  Totally painless, completely interactive, way to learn to code in Javascript *by actually doing it*.  Did I mention that it was totally painless?  Think Kahn academy, only moreso.

And yeah, you’re welcome.  Thanks for putting up with me.  🙂



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One Response to My apologies, Gentle Reader…

  1. Thanks for the links! I know I’ll be using the non-lame writing workbooks. 🙂

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