First Month Wrap-up

Sick as a small dog, so I’ll be brief, but I wanted to document what we’ve been doing for curriculum lately. 

Spanish is going well.  Full hour of immersion Spanish roasts their brains though, so the rest of Mondays is pretty much a wash.  Not how I’d really prefer to start our homeschooling for the week, but we only have two more sessions to go, so we’re sucking it up, especially given how much they are learning!

The girls are each responsible for one chapter of Explode the Code each week, which works out to about 2-3 pages a day, which they need to get done before our local homeschool group gets together for Friday play, or we don’t go.  The activities are pretty dry and definitely repetitive (thus the carrot and stick), but Big D’s reading has taken off like a rocket (after two years in pretty much the same place), and Beara is enjoying her success as well, so hurray.  Beara is still in the beginning of Book 1, and D has just moved on, with much fanfare from her siblings, into Book 2.  Buddy has his own ETC book too (Book A), which he works through as he’s interested, and all three kids work in their own HWT books as they want to, usually daily, to unwind with.  (Buddy is in the Green book, Big D is still finishing up the orange, and Beara is well under way in the yellow.)

I think that part of D’s recent reading success has come from her new speech therapy program, through our local school district.  We meet at the district office only once a week, but D has been working really hard, and I think her increased phonemic awareness has taken the veil from her eyes regarding phonics instruction.  Kind of hard to make sense of phonics when so many vowels and consonants sound just the same to you!  Her therapist is a new grad, full of energy and actually interested in the tangents D travels down in their chats together, modelling good pronunciation at every turn.  Hurray!

I had thought that we’d take Singapore Math 1A at about half pace, since they are only five, but we seem to be doing it at just over double speed instead, and with my having to do a LOT less direct instruction than I had anticipated.  Beara seems to need more time with me to get the concepts down, but once she does, look out.  Big D regularly does many more pages than I assign, and I anticipate that we’ll be moving into 1B sometime around the holidays, and only that late because I want to start incorporating some other elements into our at-home schedule.

Please see my previous post about how we are doing Social Studies via science fiction videos.  Beara also recently saw some pictures from Greek mythology in her National Geographic Kids magazine, and asked (after drawing chimera all morning) if we could start studying Ancient Greece.  I had planned for us to get to that next summer, after using SOTW to introduce Egypt this fall and Rome in the Spring, but we’re taking a detour into the mythos of all three cultures now anyway.  Being able to mention the myths when we study the cultures more in depth (if we ever finish prehistory!) will be nice anyway.  (Not to mention that I have fond memories of reading and rereading Bullfinch’s Mythology at about their age, and am happy to pass this passion on to another generation!)

Soccer, with our local rec department, is going well, and the kids are doing great.  I love our coach’s attitude (he doesn’t keep score), and the kids are having fun, building skills, and getting two great workouts a week, so major win there.  Not sure what we’ll do once it is over in another month, although I won’t mind having our weekends free again!  Being a soccer mom, at least at this level, seems to agree with me.  >;)

Round this all off with other homeschool field trips, Book Club, Friday Play and our medieval reenactment programs, and we’ve only been able to stay in our jammies on Tuesdays lately.  We’re definitely making the most of the nice fall weather here in Vermont, and will have plenty of time to hunker down (and do some SOTW and science) come snowfall, which hopefully won’t be for a while yet!

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