Not what I wanted my 100th post to be about, but here it is:  I just somehow totally insulted someone for calling a group she is part of “uberhomeschoolers.”

I’ve heard, in the hour plus since the chat ended, that this is sometimes seen as a derisive term, but WOW that isn’t what I meant.  If I call you an uberhomeschooler, TAKE IT AS A COMPLIMENT.

Satori’s mom is an uberhomeschooler; I read her blog every day, and learn tons from it.  (I think I may even have used the term here in my blog before, in such a complimentary manner.  I’ll have to investigate…)

I had to go down to the 27th definition on Merriam-Webster online to find an even vaguely negative connotation for ‘uber’ (which was ‘too much’), so it isn’t the word itself.  Uber just means ‘above’ or ‘more’; an uberhomeschooler, to me and Merriam-Webster would just be someone who homeschools at a really high and awesome level.

Do folks really use the term ‘uberhomeschooler’ in a negative way?  What the heck kind of homeschooling would you be describing if you meant uberhomeschooler in a negative way??

I’m genuinely curious, and almost afraid to ask.

There are lots of homeschooling methods out there, and while some might be more suited to any single family than some others, I’d really hate to think that anyone really **insulted** anyone else’s style or method of homeschooling.  (Yes, I have my issues with teaching creationist science, but I fully believe those parents think they are doing the right thing by their kids.  I might debate them on it, but I wouldn’t insult them about it.)



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3 Responses to Uberhomeschooling

  1. Grandma Freya says:

    And that’s an insult…how?

    • Siggi says:

      Thank you! Apparently it really IS seen as at least moderately insulting to a large sector of the homeschooling community, who see it as snarky and meaning over-the-top-in-a-negative-way.

      Wish I could have learned this lesson in a vastly less drama-filled way, but hey – at least now I know!

  2. Resa says:

    Sorry you inadvertently drifted into a drama fest. I didn’t know uberhomeschooler was an insult either! I guess it could be if we were using it to describe the people with the extreme regiments, kids in school uniforms, spotless houses, never a hair out of place type people. The ones that inevitably seem to have 10 kids, 14 foster kids, and do 60 hours of community service per week on top of the homeschooling. And their kids are color coded for convenient sorting. They might be uberhomeschoolers in a bad sort of way.

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