So… August Already

We’ve been homeschooling right along, but this fall will be the first time that my girls’ agemates will *all* be reporting for school.  Yup – it’s Kindergarten time, and I’m getting angsty.

We just got back from a week in Boston with my parents.  We went to the Boston Children’s Museum (not as cool as I remember it; mostly a supersized good preschool at this point), Crane Beach (just as awesome as ever), and to the local playground, and my kids all socialized with pretty much every living thing they met.  They are signed up for a four week homeschool Spanish class, Big D will be in speech therapy once a week, and I’m looking into signing them up for town soccer, even though it will put a serious cramp in our weekend flexibility.  Add in the more loosely scheduled Friday Play, book club, and other homeschool outings, and I think they’ll be seeing more kids (including some regular faces) in more settings than publicly schooled kids, so hopefully they’ll have fun and make some friends.

As far as academics go, we’ve got SOTW 1 already, and Singapore 1a (standards edition) on order, along with Explode the Code (book 1 still needs to be finished, and Buddy is starting A), HWT (girls are finishing the K book, Buddy is getting the Getting Ready book), and the aforementioned Spanish class.  Science and geography are ever-present (and student-led) themes in our family, so no specific curricula there.  The homeschool space is newly reorganized, including two new bookcases for games, puzzles, and reference books.   We’re even set on supplies, now that I’ve ordered our mega boxes of crayons from Amazon for a whopping $9.42 each.

We should be good to go.  That said, I’m still angsty.

I think part of it is that I still need to deschool *myself*.  I have certain expectations of what school and teaching “should” be, and routinely find myself trying to impose them on myself and my girls, rather than letting us find our own patterns and ways of being and learning together.  This invariably leads to frustration, and sometimes to meltdowns, so I *really* need to deal with this better.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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2 Responses to So… August Already

  1. Resa says:

    Bon voyage in your school year. Getting past my expectations of how I “should” be as a homeschool mom has been huge. Most of it in my case is totally self-imposed– I hold myself up to some impossibly perfect version of myself and then beat myself up for not being there. And yes, that impossibly perfect version isn’t always what my kids really need anyhow. We live and learn is all I can say, as well as be kind to yourself.

    • Siggi says:

      I know that a lot of what I’m dealing with is the conflict between my professional-educator self with my homeschooling-parent self. Yes, I support more or less avid learners in both environments, but the methods by which such support can and should be given in each are drastically different! Thanks for the advice and comment!

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