First Harvests

Summer in Vermont is a time to soak up some green; some living, vibrant, sunshiny energy to get us through the seasons of brown and white to come.  Driving south to central Vermont yesterday, I acknowledged the outrageous amazingness of mile after mile of green, forest-swathed hill and mountain sides that I had the privilege to enjoy from the mundane convenience of the interstate.  That one drive alone ought to last me until January.

Yup - mind-bustingly green, and this was back in June! The Turkeydoodles are sporting their Reading Faces in honor of the launch of our library's summer reading program.

Then I had the pleasure of the company of good-and-getting-better friends, all of whom actually care about my kids, all sharing common activities, all enjoying the lack-of-rush together.  Daddyman was even there this time (having reworked a chapter as I drove), and having all of us on the archery range together, following our childrens’ interest back into our old hobbies, was wonderful.

Not Buddy's first bullseye, but the first that Daddyman and some of his friends got to see him make.

Lastly, as if this abundance wasn’t enough, we visited our hosts’ swimming hole, which is such an understatement as to be insulting to this waterfall-surrounded, icy cold, shaded glade of loveliness.  I was the only one to go in completely, but go in I did, including via the natural waterslide on more than one occasion.  I can’t think of the last time I was in that little physical pain.  Bliss!

If heaven were made of water, and not accessible by boat, this would be it.

So I celebrate the first harvest of the season, and this season of our lives:

The full to bursting ripeness of Buddy’s babyhood, since he’ll be turning three this month.  He’s everything I could ever envision a happy, friendly, loving almost-three-year-old to be, and I unabashedly adore him.  I’ll write more about this over the next few weeks, I’m sure…

The vast mess that is our home, and the hundreds of photos of our Spring and Summer adventures that have yet to make it into this blog are all a testament to how blessedly busy (and *able* to be busy)  we have all been BEING and DOING and LIVING.  Cleaning has been happening when we can’t stand it anymore, and blogging has been happening when I have the chance, but both will start happening more as our outdoor world shrinks with Fall weather coming on.  I continually strive to have our outsides match our insides, but, hey, our insides come first.  🙂

The continual evidence our kids give Daddyman and I that our homeschooling style is working well for them.   I watch and listen and strew accordingly, they play, I offer more info, watch, listen and strew some more, and, always, they play and create and share with generous spirits and curious minds.

The support, ever-growing, that I feel for my growth in my 4P roles: parenting, partnering, professional and personal.  I have my blog friends here (mostly fellow homeschoolers, parents and educators), my twitter PLN (educators and scientists, along with humor and support at all hours), my LJ flist (introspective friends, paradigmatic thinkers and artists), and FB (my boots on the ground intel and breaking-news team), not to mention friends and family just a phone call away (for when hearts are full or breaking), and my children and husband here at home, who see all there or isn’t of me, and love me anyway.

I’d also like to (after my friend Eleanor’s example) celebrate here the buds and flowers that were picked, by chance or design, before they could bear fruit.  You were beautiful as you were, and I honor you, both for who and what you were in our lives, as well as what you could have been but will not be.  Sharing even an hour together, in a vase, or over a cup of coffee, is a wonderful thing to do with a new friend, maybe, especially,  if they will never become an old one.  The heart remembers…

Big D, giving a lone red trillium some love.

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