Learning to read at the Mall?

Yup!  Daddyman had an eye appointment, and I needed my glasses frames adjusted, so we both had to go, but would have time to kill.  What to do with three kids at the mall? (Other than the obvious; buying stuff that was either cluttery or caloric?) Practice letter recognition, of course!

I grabbed a clipboard, and printed up a sheet with a capitalized alphabet, a lower case alphabet, and some different punctuation symbols, all in about 66 point text (thus huge, but small enough to all fit on one page), held the sheet down with a rubber band, added a random red crayon, and  we went on our alphabet scavenger hunt, examining environmental print! 

The kids took turns holding the clipboard and crossing off the letters we found, and they needed some help with some unusual fonts and letters they don’t often see (like capital Q), but it went wonderfully, at least until we came to lower case x and z, both of which we eventually found in the toy store.  Thank you, Yahtzee!

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