Spiffiness on a Sunny Fathers’ Day*

We were completely and utterly derailed this past week by my getting a very nasty case of poison ivy on my hip, but we did what we could!   (Buddy was cuddled up for warmth and nursing access while we were camping last weekend, and I guess he had picked up some poison ivy on his pant cuffs.  Prednisone gave me this weekend and my sanity back.)

We didn’t get to do either of our planned geology field trips last week, but we DID go to an SCA event in NY this weekend, and the kids had fun running and playing with their friends of all ages, while Daddyman and I took it easy and schmoozed with friends.  The weather was perfect, too, which was just the icing on the cake.  I hope your weekend was as lovely!

Awesome things I am grateful for, one for each kid:

1. Several adults commented on how very, VERY verbal Buddy is at this point.  Daddyman and I don’t dumb down our vocabulary when speaking with our children, although we do explain ‘big’ words in terms they can understand after we use a new or unfamiliar word around them.  Words are tools; the more you have available, provided you know how to use them correctly, the more options you have for building understanding.  Since almost all of his playmates are older than he is, this is a major bonus, even if it does frequently (very frequently) lead people into thinking that he is significantly older than he is, even though he is small for his age.  (Also adorable, Buddy is taking after his Mum in his love of the bagpipes.  Up close and personal, too, despite the deafening drones.  >:)

2.  Speaking of speech, Big D is actually pretty excited to go have her Speech and Language evaluation tomorrow, so we can hopefully get her some help with her stammer.  Her expressive ability is very important to her, and, while she isn’t overly discombobulated by it, she does recognize her stammer as sort of a stone in her linguistic shoe that she’d just as well be rid of.  Wish us luck!  Also?  She’s super-excited to start the library summer reading program this week; ours works by cumulative time read, so being challenged by her reading is a plus!

3.  Beara is exceptionally good at making friends.  Teens, adults,  and other kids of all ages seem to enjoy her company, welcome her into their conversations and work, and appreciate all she brings to such groups.  One adult this weekend swung her up in the air as we were leaving, saying what a HUGE help she’d been, and how much she’d enjoyed hanging out with her.  In the coparenting community we have developed with these friends-so-good-they’re-family, (I’ve known one of the college students since she was in utero) Beara was off enjoying her company, but I have no idea what specifically Beara did to help, or what they might have talked about, and I’m really kind of enjoying that.

We still need to make Grampa’s teeshirt for a belated Fathers’ Day before we leave for Boston, and a visit with he and my mother, later this week, but I think that is all we have on our agenda for this week that I haven’t mentioned yet.  The kids are all playing/building/studying turtles right now, having me read pages out of a reptiles book to them as desired, and I just as well assume leave them to it while I unpack the van from this weekend, repack it (with all different things) for this *coming* weekend, and keep taking my prednisone.  I’m SO grateful that my kids really know how to PLAY!!!

*I put the apostrophe precisely where I think it belongs, TYVM.  Fathers: ours or society’s, single, married, divorced, homo or heterosexual, cis or trans, I honor them all.  I’m especially glad of the one that I picked for my kids.  🙂
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