Archive: About us from May 2011

Siggi: Mom, pushing 40.  Former public school science and enrichment teacher, current homeschooler.  Lifelong artist, scientist, writer, chronic illness manager and bad housekeeper.  Likes: medieval history, textures (esp textiles), science fiction, daydreaming, thoughtful discourse, being friends with her kids.   Favorite color: Brown.

Daddyman: Dad, also pushing 40, albeit more slowly.  Former military and martial arts instructor, current RN, blogger, and science fiction/urban fantasy writer.  Lifelong scientist, writer, and procrastinator.  Likes: medieval combat, computer games, staying up until all hours to get some quiet time.  Favorite color: Blue.

Beara: Daughter, feeling very big now that she’s five.  Fraternal twin sister of Big D.  Lifelong diva, dancer, singer, healer and Little Lady Love.  Likes the rights of being five tons, but not the responsibilities.  Would happily live on skim milk and poptarts if I let her, which I won’t.

Likes: being the boss, imaginary play, dressing like a princess, knowing more Chinese and Spanish than either of her parents.  Her art is all dynamic walls of color and lush representation.

Favorite color: Yellow, aka ‘lellow’.

Big D: Daughter, still working out what being five means for her.  Fraternal twin sister of Beara.  Lifelong problem solver and observer, easily frustrated, afraid of heights (but working on it).  She’s currently (Summer 2011) actively trying on ‘easy-going’ as a personality trait.  Starting speech therapy in the fall, which should be interesting.
Likes:  mazes, detailed art projects (including drawing maps), getting up way too early.
Favorite color: Purple.
Buddy, aka Moose: Son, pushing three way too fast for my taste, but holds his own with his sisters regardless.  Lifelong lover, cuddle bug and computer guru.
Likes: ‘guys’, swords, horses, knights, cosleeping and ums, his new shorter haircut, anything his sisters like, reading and letters, staying up until all hours and thereby making his parents absolutely crazed.  Idolizes our roofing contractor, and does a mean monster growl.  Recently discovered archery, which he adores.
Favorite color: Red, at least for today.
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