Wonder where I’ve been all week?

When it rains it pours.  When it pours, our roof leaks.  When our roof leaks, our bathroom ceiling falls in.  The night before the girls’ fifth birthday, no less. 

So, between birthday prep, and trying to salvage their birthday amidst contractors and insurance adjusters, it was one doozy of a week!  To top it off, I’m only cramming a couple of posts in now before packing for a weeklong visit to my parents’ in Boston, and we have to leave Daddyman at home to be here for the roofers!

This was my bathroom ceiling, courtesy of my crappy roofer. Daddyman has since pulled the rest of it down, before it fell on someones head.

This is the hole that the new roofer and I tore out of my roof WITH OUR BARE HANDS. Note that my entire head and shoulders could fit through this hole, and that you can see yet another roof under this one. (Dont ask.)

It is worth noting that although this SUCKED, the people that have come into our lives this week around this incident have ROCKED.  Dude from Bauhein Construction came and helped Daddyman screw a tarp over the hole, for two hours in the rain, and *wouldn’t let us pay him.* Highly recommended roofers came to do an estimate and told us we didn’t need the standing seam roof I called them for, just a much cheaper roof done properly, which, btw, they could start in on the next day.  Insurance adjuster was not only really nice about my messy house (she said I had my priorities straight, since my kids are awesome), but said our insurance should cover replacing our entire tub area, and joined me for a nice chat over a cup of tea, during which we found out that we have hobbies and a club in common, and that we might get to see one another again on less disastrous business.  If you are going to have your ceiling fall in, folks, this is *definitely* the way to do it!

* * *

Ok, on to the big event of the week: the girls turned FIVE!  (Yes, I did the bittersweet melancholy thing the night before.  The girls said they HAD to grow up, but that they’d share their kids with me when they were mommies.  Super sweet of them, but where does the time go?)

We had planned to go to the park for a picnic, but rain and roofers nixed that plan.  We still had birthday breakfast brunch (on account of Daddyman’s working until midnight) of chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, and pressies! 

Probably the biggest smash was Rush Hour, which my aunt sent them. Big D has declared it the best game ever, she and Beara work on the problems together and apart, and Buddy, while not yet doing the puzzles, is loving setting them up!   Note: they did NOT get the kids’ version, but the one for kids 8+, and are doing just fine with it!

So they played and watched their new movie, Tangled, all afternoon while I dealt with roof estimates and the insurance company.  The songs from it are catchy enough that Daddyman just got the soundtrack, and the messages are even good ones, so yeah! 

That evening was the local homeschool talent show at the library, so I brought a cake and some of the kids’ art so we could put on an art show in the ‘lobby’!  Can’t show you the acts, since I don’t have parental permission (and we didn’t perform).  Just before the show we gave the girls one last big surprise of the day: they got their very first library cards!  Beara checked out three books on rocks and minerals, and Big D got a book of Guatemalan folk tales, an astronomy book (with CD-ROM), and let her brother take out a story book on dragons.  They were *exceptionally* proud to hand over their newly-signed cards to the librarian for THEIR books.  Yup – gotta love a geek rite of passage!  >:)

Art, L-R, Big D, Beara, and Buddy. Big Ds map, bottom left, shows her high regard for Vermont: were the big continent in the middle!

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7 Responses to Wonder where I’ve been all week?

  1. Kristen says:

    Been wondering where you were!
    Happy Birthday to your girls!! Sorry to hear about the craziness of your week but glad to see everything worked out.

  2. What a week – but I’m glad you’ve got great people working to help fix the hole. Happy Birthday to your pretty girls!

  3. Bon Crowder says:

    Been missing you in lots of places but there was an especially big hole last night at #HSMath.

    I’ll pray for you, sacrifice a chicken and do the happy dance in hopes that things get better.


    • Siggi says:

      Sorry, Bon! I had planned to be there, and I got back to my parents’ in time, only to find that Buddy had completely melted down in my absence, and really needed his Mama! I’ll check the transcript and see if I don’t have a few things to kibitz on. Where would you like me to comment, when I do??

      Ps. I missed you too! We had a great time, but I’m definitely glad to be home!

  4. Greg Strong says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the hole in the roof. 😦 But I’m really excited that the kids went through their first geek rite of passage. 🙂 Give them all a great big hug from uncle Greg and tell them happy birthday for me please.

    Love ya all.

    • Siggi says:

      Oh hon, that was SO not their FIRST geek rite of passage, just one that came as part of a birthday celebration! They’ve seen Star Wars, they watched Voyager before they could walk, etc. We HAVE been doing our job, never fear! 😉

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