Before and After

My big guy Buddy’s hair, with remaining baby curls outstretched, was down to his waist this morning, at age two and two thirds.  I cherished those curls, but he was getting *mighty* tired of pushing his hair out of his face, and while I have trimmed his bangs before (but not in a long time), the back of it was getting caught under my arm when he nursed, the fixing of which was waking us both up FAR more than needful in the wee hours of the morning.  Ergo, he and I went out in the sunshine this afternoon, and got him a haircut. 

Bye-bye baby curls....

... hello Big Boy!

He was excited to go, but fussed and cried the entire time, even though he was in my lap!  (Poor stylist!)  As SOON as we were out the door into the sunshine though, he said “I *love* getting a haircut!”  Not sure if he’s a) expressing something different than he’s feeling during the thing, b) doing some (adaptive) cognitive restructuring *after* the event, or c) just glad that the whole ordeal was over and he was rewarded with sugar, but I’m not complaining!  He *really* likes his haircut, is equally-albeit-differently supercute, and stylist didn’t mop up any blood along with my keepsake curls.  Win-win-win!

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4 Responses to Before and After

  1. Kristen says:

    WOW!! What a brave mommy! Did anyone hold your hand while they cut off his hair? He looks adorable!

    • Siggi says:

      I *was* hoping to take pictures, but the only way to get him into the chair was to have him in my lap! He faced in, straddling me, for most of it, but we turned him around to cut the front, and he was NOT happy with it!

      I cried the night before, but it really was time. He loves his new cut, and it is SO different that I’m more in shock than in mourning! Plus, he DOES look adorable, so that’s hard to be upset with. 😉

  2. Bon Crowder says:

    What an incredible cutie!

    Just the right age for Daughter, too!

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