Cool Stuff We’ve Done Lately

You will be happy to know, gentle reader, that my attitude adjustment seems to be complete and (dare I jinx it?) *holding*!  Wahoo!  Here are some cool things in our/my world this week:

1. I took Buddy ice skating, just the two of us, since I took the girls last week.  He was on the ice for about three minutes total, but *I* was on for about an hour, (he loved watching me,) and I am totally inspired by the three adult male figure skaters that were practicing there.  The one other skater was an adult male hockey guy who recognized us from the week before.  He waved to us, and stopped to chat with Buddy, which was nice.  I plan to go once a week, with or without kidlets, since skating appears to be a decent workout that does NOT mess with my fibromyalgia, which is pretty freaking fantastic.  Even better?  They are open weekdays until the middle of JULY.  The idea of escaping from the heat to an actual ICE rink is SO appealing!   >:)

2.  We just did a preview version of Daddyman’s birthday on the actual day, since he was only awake for about three hours of it before he had to go to work.  Not wanting to give him short shrift, I made waffles for breakfast, and he had cards and phone calls, but presents, cake and fun festivities are waiting for later this week when he has a few days off. 

3.  The kidlets and I just had a skype-facilitated playdate with a childhood friend of mine and her kids and husband, along with a tour of their lovely home in Alabama.  We showed them the snow and bare branches outside our windows, and they took the camera outside and showed off their numerous caterpillar neighbours.  We plan to do this again – hopefully often! – so that when we DO eventually get our kids together, they’ll already know one another.  (BTW – if any readers might be interested in setting up similar skype playdates between our kids, let me know!  We’d love to!)

4.  The attitude adjustment included working some more flexibility into the 4:4:4 plan, which has helped tons.  Big D read *seven* Bob Books to me for language today (Beara did two before she got distracted), and I was delighted to reconceptualize wrapping Daddyman’s presents as creating geometric nets.  Likewise, today’s virtual field trip with the caterpillars, and the sleeping bag cocoons they then all made, count as today’s science. 

5.  I might not have been posting a lot, but I certainly have been thinking and reading.   I’m regularly participating in education-related tweetchats, including #hschat, #hsmath, and, for the first time this week, #gtchat, which is the gifted/talented crew, and #SPNchat, which is full of *optimistic* professional educators.  I’m thinking about and investigating grad school programs (and would ergo love to talk to anyone with background in educational psychology).  I’m reading Baking Illustrated, which I got (as requested) for my birthday, and I’m learning TONS about what actually happens to ingredients when you use them, which is pretty darned cool chemistry-goodness.  I’m helping Daddyman edit debut novel, and, of course, I’m reading tons of other articles and blogs and digesting it all in preparation to write about it here. 

6.  Most of all, I’m working to relax more, and spread it around some.  Not relax as in slack off; more like be proactive so I don’t wind up being *re*active.  I noticed the other day that I was clenching my jaw a lot, which just ain’t healthy, and, hey, life is just too short!  Little things are helping so far: adding the flexibility to the 4:4:4 plan, slowly increasing the square footage of the house that I have under tidy-control, so I have it to enjoy, but not so much at once that it overwhelms me, and, honestly, relinquishing the responsibility I’d given myself to keep the kids quiet in the AM so Daddyman could sleep.  I’ve told him that trying (and failing) to keep them quiet is just trashing my day right out of the gate, and if he wants to have quiet after 7AM, he can go sleep upstairs.  Not ideal, but WAY better than my starting every day in confrontation with our kids! 

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but my most often needed daily mantra is this:

Progress in a day, not perfection in an hour. 

Our week might not have been off-the-charts-stellar, but it was pretty darned good, and involved taking some reasonably-sized steps on a direct path to where we want to be as a family, so I’m well contented.  I hope your week went at least half as well!

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3 Responses to Cool Stuff We’ve Done Lately

  1. Kristen R says:

    “be proactive so I don’t wind up being *re*active.”
    Love this.

    • Siggi says:

      Yeah, too bad getting out from under the reactive phase to be able to BE proactive!

      I’m really focusing on how to stay in this proactive zone, but if anyone knows how to bottle some for when an inevitable crisis hits, hook me up, eh? I’ll pay handsomely in homemade granola!

  2. gregory strong says:

    Food chemistry wise, the book On food and cooking by Harold McGee is pretty freaking awesome for the science of food. Also, its uber expensive, but a new set of books just came out called Modernist Cuisine edited by DR. NATHAN MYHRVOLD, who’s for­mal edu­ca­tion includes degrees in math­e­mat­ics, geo­physics, and space physics from UCLA, and PhDs in math­e­mat­i­cal eco­nom­ics and the­o­ret­i­cal physics from Princeton University. In his post-doctoral work at Cambridge University, Myhrvold worked on quan­tum the­o­ries of grav­ity with the renowned cos­mol­o­gist Stephen Hawking. Maybe you could see if the local library could get a set for you to read. I know I’m planning on getting one next tax season.

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