4:4:4 How We’re Homeschooling Without The Headaches

A couple of weeks ago, I was being a Homeschooling Harpy; the Mom who nags that it is homeschool time, and then fights to keep her kids in their seats.  I kept trying to jazz it up, but what I reallly needed was an attitude adjustment.  Add in a some different-to-me kinds of blog posts, and my trying to study up on some Marilyn Burns Mojo, and a no-fuss/no-muss daily homeschooling plan was *definitely* called for. 

Thus, the 4:4:4 plan was born, and, I’m happy to report, so far, so good!

We’re doing four pages (or equivalent) each of writing/language work, math, and science or history. 

Language: Four pages from HWT or ETC, or some combo thereof, or the equivalent amount of writing on their own unschooly projects. (Like today, Big D wrote about elevation, and we talked about how the -tion suffix makes a ‘shun’ sound.  Good enough in my book, while Beara did four pages of HWT.)

Math: Four pages from the Instructional Fair series, printed as needed, or using my workbook hack.  This will get mixed up with some other stuff as we go, but is a good default for days that I don’t have deeper stuff prepared. 

Science or History: Right now we are reading from the Usborne Internet-linked Encyclopedia of World History, in the evolution section, but this will segue into history once we get to civilizations.  We interject other science books in here, too.

The Schedule: The GLORY of this plan is how we are spreading it out over the day.  Language is a morning thing, unless, like today, I need to get Beara to do some (if she hasn’t on her own) in the afternoon.  Math has become a late afternoon/after dinner activity, which, oddly enough, is working a *charm* and they LOVE it.  Science/History has become *bedtime* reading, and they gobble it up. 

So, who knew?  Give us clear, close goals, and set, spread-out times of day when we meet them, and Whammo – it feels like we aren’t doing any *work* at all, no stress, and I don’t have to be ‘on’ for it to happen. 

Not sure how long this will last, but I’m loving it now.  Do YOU have any little systems like this that keeps sanity and peace in your homeschooling house?

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