You’re shoulding me… Week in Review March 7-22, 2011

Well, actually, I’ve been shoulding *myself*, and I need to knock it the fruity heck off! 

You may have noticed the staggering lack of a Week in Review post for, um, over a fortnight* now.  This stems from my categorical embarrassment over how little ‘formal’ homeschooling has happened (ie NOT happened) in that time.  Yes, the turkeydoodles have done TONS of unschooling in that time, and we have done *some* formal (ie parent-directed) homeschooling in that time,  but still.  I feel like I haven’t been doing my job.

(Yes, I *am* the woman who lead her last post with an article on the value of play, about how play IS the work of preschoolers, and yes,  my kids are preschoolers.  One could say that I’m ‘fickle’; I prefer ‘complex’, tyvm.)

Anyway, I was shoulding myself this morning, after two weeks of not really pushing the formal thing on the kids, and became She Who Should Not Homeschool Today; a yelling, berating, punitive, glaring PITA, trying to get my girls to do ETC and HWT.  (Yeah, you’d think it would *at least* be on something like curing cancer, right?  But no…)

Realizing that I was being completely unreasonable even as I unplugged the TV, I proceeded to give myself a time out.  I grabbed a wonderfully fluffy/funny zombie romance novel (yes, they exist), and sent myself upstairs for *an hour*.  Yes, they followed me.  I gave them hugs, and sent them away again, rinsed and repeated.  One trip up, both girls forgave me for being a grumpus, which was very generous of them.

It (and helping someone else with one of *her* problems on Twitter), made me feel Ever So Much Better ™, not only in terms of my mood and ability to deal, but with what we/they *have* done in the last, oh, while.  Ergo, here’s that very belated Fortnight in Review:

HWT: 46-50ish, ETC: Beara: 1-4, Big D: 51-58, IF(M): 16-21, IF(A): Big D: most < pg 33

Computer/TV learning: Dora, Blue’s Clues, Wizard 101, Reader Rabbit, Wild Kratts

LA: Bob Books, Beara wrote a book, story cards, Moonshot by Brian Floca

Math: (in addition to IF books) Buddy: Tons of puzzles and math sentences, PI Day, ten-frames, and math facts for ten, helped measure when I made granola

Science: We actually DID start evolution this week, reading a bunch of books, including Birth of the Earth, Our Family Tree (not so good), and Life on Earth, all of which I’ll be reviewing in more detail within the next week or so.  I’ve had these books out of the library, but held off on them until Big D’s mind started asking questions about the origins of life.  Having left our solar system when the Earth was a blob of molten rock and metal, and the atmosphere toxic gasses, I was *hoping* she’d wonder, but one never knows!  We also studied the Apollo 11 launch and built rockets with Alka-seltzer, and started investigating turtles.

Social Studies: Beara came out to help shovel, being part of the family team, all on her own initiative.  Big D helped Daddyman make dinner and my birthday cake, and all the kids helped me make granola on several days, as it is popular stuff, as well as the chocolate cream pie for Pi Day!  Girls built a fort, had a disagreement about the rules for its use, but negotiated a compromise without adult interference.  All three kids were also REAL troopers about walking forever in scary, cold, ice-melty conditions, and then didn’t even complain when we had to turn around without accomplishing our mission, because it was just too much.  I was am amazed by their resilience!  We also talked about Daddyman’s new job, and how he wouldn’t be home as much, so we need to work together more, and about the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear issues in Japan.  We remembered about subduction zones, and the Ring of Fire, and watched video of the tsunami.  Big D wanted to send cards to the brave folks trying to deal with the reactor crisis, and when I told her that infrastructure kind of precluded that right now, we decided to send them hugs of gratitude, respect, love, and healing instead. 

Arts and Craftiness: All three kids made me bookmarks and cards for my birthday, and Big D made me a stunning collage, which I’ll show once I’ve gotten it framed.  The girls made Silly Animal Headbands, and Big D made one each for Buddy and I as well.  They also each designed their rockets, and drew numerous spider webs to hang up around our house.  (I tried to see this as a love of spiders, not an indictment of my housekeeping.)  Big D also started drawing the turtlepig family, after she put an old gardening knee pad of mine on her stuffed pig, and decided that it was Good.  They have designed and decorated several houses for their self-created puppets this week, and today Big D drew statues to put in them as well.  NTS: let the girl play with the playdough, already!  And, can’t forget the snow painting!

Siggi Stuff: I am now active on Twitter, under the name (wait for it) Turkeydoodles!  I’ve even attended two tweetchats, one for homeschoolers, the other for homeschool math (#hschat on the 3rd? Wed of each month at 9PM Eastern, and #hsmath every Thurs at 10PM Eastern), and also followed Sun Earth Day 2011 on Twitter (#sed2011) and ustream, watching footage from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and Goddard Space Center.  I also now have an icon (made with Buddy’s hand and Daddyman’s finagling), and am happily featured on I went to a screening and discussion of Race to Nowhere, I’m reading The Quadrivium, and am about to dive into renewed study of Howard Gardener; these last two courtesy of Daddyman, who has great taste in birthday presents.   I can also now report that my mother has indeed come and read some of this blog, and declared it ‘very nice.’  Phew!  😉

And, yes, I continue to get my head wrapped around what my kids actually need from me regarding cocreation of their education, and my attitude continues to get adjusted accordingly.  Some days work show my progress more than others, though, obviously! 

* A fortnight is two weeks, British-style.  My Mum is British.  I sometimes spell stuff ‘weird’, and even ignore spell-check when it calls me on it.  Deal.

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