Snow Painting!

Here in Northern Vermont, we have at least two feet of snow most places, and mud everywhere else.  Wanting to add some color to my world, (and wanting to make my own fun for my birthday,) Daddyman and I took the kiddos outside to paint some flowers in the snow! Nothing fancy: food coloring and some travel toiletries bottles, and the requisite paper towels and water to refill with, and away we went!

My garden never looked better!

I took the lead, using the dark green to outline the leaves and stems.  Beara, being the ‘lellow fairy’ took the daffodil blooms, Big D sprayed green into the leaf shapes, and Buddy was in charge of the blue spring showers, which wound up ‘watering’ one particular flower more than it ever dreamt of! 

Buddy seems to have entered his Blue Period.

After the painting, we celebrated by climbing snow mountains and enjoying the joy of a sunny day, despite the mud and food-coloring-stained fingers!  (Or because of it!)

How the once mighty mountain has melted!


I gave myself a few other presents today, in addition to this guerilla art project.  I got myself a new lens cap keeper (since I’ve futzed with a broken one every day since Christmas), I woke up to my own personal Stonehenge sun alignment (between a neighbour’s house and fence, and right into my face at a reasonable hour), we’ve got the windows open for the first time this season, and, after a full week of my kids making presents for me, I confiscated all of the scissors.  A whole day of not having little pieces of paper all over the house?  Heaven! 

One last shot, just to prove that Spring really IS coming! Here we don’t call it Spring though, we call it Mud Season!

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