Happy Pi Day!

(stolen shamelessly from Alicia Bayer)

Happy Pi Day, everyone!  (For those I’ve lost, March is the third month, and this is the 14th day, and 3.14 (etc) is the value of Pi, so there you go! )

We’ll be sure to do some math today (not with circles, alas, but still), and we’ll be making a pie as well! I’d love for it to be apple or something, but -hey- this time of year?  Chocolate pudding pie in an Oreo cookie crust with whipped cream decoration is the ONLY way to go, at least for us.

Chocolate + Math + Whipped Cream = All KINDS Of Excitement, Yo! 

Chocolate Pudding Pi!

And you know that while we are shovelling down the aforementioned Pi of Bliss, we’ll be listing to this YouTube video of What Pi Sounds Like.  (You’d think it would sound all random-crappy, but if you wanted proof that music and math are kissing cousins, this ought to suffice.  The talent of the arranger is nothing to scoff at either, I might add.) (ETA: Lars Erickson, who wrote the Pi Symphony, complained that Michael Blake, who wrote the piece I was linking to, was in violation of his copyright, so this piece was taken down.  They sound nothing alike, just for the record.)

If you want to enjoy your *own* Pi Day celebrations (come on, you know you want to – all the *cool* geeks are doing it), may I suggest you check out the fabulous Alicia Bayer!  She has shared not only a link to her article on Pi Day activities, but also a poem written to help one remember Pi to thirty digits!  Yowzers!  (And yes, I might just be dorky enough to try to write one that scans a little bit more smoothly.  >:)

I’ll come back and edit in a picture of our Pudding Pi later (see above!), but first I’ll share MY trick for remembering Pi: back when I was on the Math Team in high school (the only girl on it, I might add: grr) we had a nifty cheer that helped us remember the value of Pi to a measly six places:

Sine, cosine, tangent, sine!
3 point 1 4 1 5 9
GoooOOOOO Math Team!

What can I say, I love math!  Have a great Pi Day, everyone!

 ETA: Check out the Pi Day page from the folks who started it all:  The Exploratorium!

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