Dear Mom…

Welcome to my blog, Mom.  It’s really nice to have you here!  I’m hoping that this will let you stay better informed on what we all are doing and thinking, and I look forward to sharing this with you, and even talking to you about it.  There is one possible hitch to your reading this though: I sometimes write things you won’t like.  You might take some of it personally, and not just the stuff that actually IS about you… 

I wrote that you and Dad know some algebra, geometry, and basic arithmetic, but no higher math.  Please don’t get defensive about this; neither do I, really, not any more.  But I am working on it.

I wrote that Grandma was the only person in my childhood who made me feel loved unconditionally.  You and Dad have always had high expectations of me, and maybe I internalized them too much, assuming that I wouldn’t have your love without meeting them.  Note that I didn’t write that you didn’t love me unconditionally, just that I *felt* like Grandma was the only person who did. 

I wrote that I learned my first swears from listening to you and Dad.  I also learned from you both when they are and aren’t valid expressions of frustration, and what is and isn’t acceptable.  Thanks.  😉

I wrote about your and Dad’s personal histories, about the thriftiness and packrat streaks you acquired dealing with the economic and resource realities of WWII, and how I picked them up, for better and worse, respectively.

That covers my talks about money, swearing, love, and math.  I have also talked about religion (under the Secular Thursday category) and I’m about to talk politics (since the VT DOE is trying to mess with our homeschooling laws).  This being a blog about family and education, I *will* be talking about how you and Dad parented me as regards my education.   I would guess that the odds of my pissing you off, either by talking about my own life as your daughter, or (more likely) by expressing my opinions about the world at large, are pretty darned high. 

Here’s the thing though: I want you here.  I’d rather piss you off in the midst of your learning about my and your grandchildrens’ daily lives and thoughts than NOT piss you off and not have you know us in this way.  Life is too short.

Love you, Mum.  Always.  -S.

* My father is alive and reasonably well (knock wood), but I’m not sure he knows how to turn their computer on, so, aside from being shown select pictures by my mother occasionally, I’m not really anticipating his having much contact with this blog and its contents.  That said, I’d welcome his surprising me!
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