THIS Is What Finished Looks Like

Remember how yesterday I realized that my girls’ and my ideas of what *done with something* looks like might be different?  That my girls had actually shown me well over a week ago that they were finished with their Solar System posters, but I hadn’t noticed?Beara, recognizing that her mother can use all the signposts she can get, apparently decided to give me a crystal-clear example of what her being done looks like.

Beara's book, on the shelf, where it belongs.

See that object that looks like a black folder on the bookshelf?  That is the BOOK that Beara wrote, illustrated, and bound yesterday.  What then?

She put it in the bookcase! 

Aside from asking me how to spell everything (and I do mean everything, including the word ‘a’), I had nothing to do with it.  Heck, I didn’t even touch it until I went to take these pictures! 

This is the center spread of her four-page volume, and it reads: “The lion [w]as close to the unicorn and!  On the walk the unicorn got hungr[y].  On th[e] lion came.” 

I love that she ended her first sentence with “and!” since that is very much how she speaks – all enthusiasm and a drive to tell more of the story!  You can clearly see the unicorns drawn on each page, but there are also butterflies hovering near each, and a lion hidden in the grass on the lefthand page. 

Just for the record, I asked the author if she might grant this blogger an interview, but she declined, saying that she was hard at work on her *new* book, and didn’t have time!

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