Week in Review: Feb26-Mar5, 2011

Coolest unschooly investigation of the week: Big D asked what makes it so spiders can climb walls?  This site was more in depth than I thought she would want, but no – I found myself explaining chitin, setae, and Van der Waals forces!  (oof!)  NTS: do that intro to atomic chemistry mini-unit asap!

Artistic and scientific goodness: Daddyman bought a mondo package of non-environmentally friendly stick-on foam shapes for the chicklets, as well as foamy DIY airplanes, which the kids have been flying.  (The kids are having a blast with them, but oi.)  The girls have also been drawing/creating portraits of all of us, including the one at left, where Big D made herself with love in her eyes and voice, Beara with a huge smile, and me with a realistically-round belly.  (That’s what I get for teaching my girls to be honest!  Sheesh!)  I’m not sure if I’m just looking really confused and sweaty, or if D was just being inspired by Dadaism when she got to me!

In other science news, the Solar System project continues to lie dormant, but we’ve started in on geological processes and geography anyway.  We read How Mountains are Made this week, and the girls loved the scope and dynamic nature of it all.  I and their maternal grandmother both love geology, plus my father is a huge geography buff, so they come by it honestly!

PE: All three kids have been working the Wii KidsFit, which Beara rocked, unlocking tons of new games!  (We still have feet of snow on the ground, with more coming down, plus ice on the paths, so we’ll still be inside for a while yet!) 

Language:  Beara finished her ETC Book A today, and rocked the pretest for Book 1, so she’s moving up!  Congrats, hon!  The world of the world awaits!  Both girls started lower case letters in their HWT books, too, which is rocking my world, since I’ve been biting my tongue at the convoluted way in which they (ahem, Big D) have been writing letters like ‘g’ with three strokes!

Math: Very exciting week!  While I am pretty much decided that I’m going to order us the standards edition of Singapore Math 1A in the next month or so, this week we started working with Instructional Fair’s Using the Standards: Measurement Grade K this week, and I expect that we’ll keep using this series (other strands include Algebra, Number and Operations, and Geometry) as well, since it is out of the box, encourages creative problem solving (and getting out of one’s seat!), and Buddy can do it right along with us! 

My kid needs glasses.

Funniest line of the week: No, not Charlie Sheen.  This one was Buddy, who was looking at the pictures in the TIME magazine I was reading while he nursed.  He pointed to the tanned and full-yet-perky breasts of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model then looked up at me, unlatched and announced happily “she has ums just like yours, Mama!”  Uh, not EVER, but if you say so, Buddy!  (I am SO raising a boob man, but at least he knows what they are really for!)

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