Simple Pleasures: Healthy Food and Kids’ Art!

We rarely take a laid-back weekend unless we have big plans (if that makes sense), but we did this weekend, and it was completely made of goodness and win.  I made this awesome gluten-free/nut-free granola with the kids on Saturday.  I was going for something shiny and in big nommable chunks, but this came out like a breakfast cereal.  It is so yummy, though, that I don’t care.  I added 1/8 cup of wheat germ just to up the B vitamin counts, but, obviously you can’t do that for someone gluten-free.  The kids even like it, and it was easy breezy to make.  Win – win!  Ad to this my kids’ first even moderately successful salad-for-dinner experience tonight, and I’m feeling very nutritionally virtuous right now.  >:)

Daddyman deserves to be in the center of the attention. 🙂

This is the family portrait Beara created the other day, and gifted to me this morning.  I’m the one with the huge smile in the bottom right, and she and Big D, with their eyes in shades of my green are in the top.  I asked if it was Buddy or Daddyman in the middle, since they both have brown eyes, and she said that it was Daddyman.  Buddy is in the bottom left, smallest, but packed with energy.

Becuase one Little Bunny Foofoo just isn't enough, apparently.

I’m a ham, I admit it.  When I say Little Bunny FooFoo, I not only do the hand gestures, but big facial expressions and silly voices.  My mother crackes up every time, without fail.  I can’t even think of the last time I told the story to the kids, but Big D just drew this picture of the story.  Note the TWO bunnies, and the TWO Good Fairies ™.  Big D carefully pointed out that there were six carrots, so the bunnies could have three each.  I guess I should read her Peter Rabbit, so she remembers the poor Mr McGregors of the world who actually *plant* said carrots.  (Oh my gosh – did I just sypaththize with Mr McGregor?  I am so getting old…)

Beara's lastest ad campaign for Manic Panic.

Beara’s love of heart balloons continues, but this time Big D is holding them, apparently.  They are both chock full of love, including for each other, so I’m not suprised by anything other than Beara’s vision for Big D’s hair.  Yikes!

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