Week in Review: Feb 21-25, 2011

We got a lot done this week, maybe because it was actually sunny every day!  (Yes, it is snowing again today.  Shush.)

We talked about and looked at prosthetics, and made one for Big D’s baby doll.

Big D's emphasis was definitely on process.

Daddyman bust out a box of maccaroni and lots of glue, and the kids went to town with it.  I can’t believe that my girls closing on five, and had never glued pasta products before.  I hang my head in shame…

Lots of jigsaw puzzling this week, both by Buddy and Beara.  She has 50 piece puzzles down cold at this point, and Buddy is starting to get the idea of an edge piece.

Workbooks actually worked this week, all except for one day that I won’t write about.  (We all have those, am I right?)  We did two days each of ETC and HWT, and have decided to mix and match them from now on, so whosoever is doing ETC can do it via Cuddleschooling.  We are all liking this plan.  🙂  Also, Buddy has decided to move on from coloring-in to more writing type and deliberate strokes, and is now using wipe-off books. 

Star Wars intro, a la Big D.

In unschooly goodness news, Big D grabbed a hundreds chart and counted backwards all the way down to zero, and spelled out the planet names with her magnetic letters.  Beara is apparently drawing a portrait of me for my birthday (next month), as she asked  me to hold still so she could look at my face, and kept coming back to check what color of green best matched my eyes.  I can’t wait to see what she’s created! 

Big D's plan for her Solar System poster. She said that she didn't have room for Venus and Neptune on this sketch, but her poster board is much bigger, so she isn't anticipating any problems. Note the abundance of comets that Mauna Kea seems to have missed spotting!

We added a last smattering of words to our space science vocabulary words, including the planet names (duh, finally!), black hole, nebula, supernova, and Milky Way.  I’ve given them their first capstone project, since I think it helps (in hindsight) to have a physical reminder of what one has learned.  They are each making a poster of the solar system, labeling each of the planets, the sun, the moon, and the asteroid belt, as well as showing the meaning of five of their other space science vocabulary words.  I am taking it as an opportunity to talk to them about planning and the design process, so first they are sketching out their ideas, and just scribbing where the names of things go, then they can start drawing the shapes and words out on paper and laying them on their poster boards, then sketch and start gluing them down.  I’m hoping they’ll have them done by the middle of next week, but if they want to take their time, I won’t complain. 

Buddy and I took a lovely walk to the market the other day to get salad fixings and ingredients for making our own nut-free granola, which we hope to do this weekend.  I don’t often get to actively choose one on one time with Buddy, so this was a really nice opportunity.  We took long and short steps, looked at the (then) melting snow, and generally enjoyed the sunshine hand in hand.  (No pictures of the cuteness, since I couldn’t figure out Beara’s camera.  Pathetic, isn’t it?)

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