Poll: Parenting an Early Riser

Tick, tock, Mama! (freeimages.co.uk)

Here’s the scoop:  Big D wants to get up around 6 AM right now, and I suspect it will creep even earlier as we get more hours of daylight this Spring.  We put the girls to bed at 7 PM, but they don’t get to sleep much before 7:30, if then.  I would LIKE the girls to stay in bed/quiet until 7 AM, since a) Daddyman is a nightowl, and needs more sleep, and b) cosleeping with Buddy means that I never know how much sleep I’m likely to get in any given night, and I NEED it, and, most importantly,  c) I think, from my perceptions of her behavior, that Big D just plain needs more sleep, but I might just be projecting/deluded.  I keep trying to institute an afternoon quiet time (Buddy still naps some days, and I’m oh-so-much more patient with a break in my day), but they aren’t biting, unfortunately. 

How would YOU handle this?  Do YOU have an early riser?  If you have other ideas, put them in the comments.  I’m open to suggestion!!  (Seriously, I’m begging you here!  And if YOU happen to BE an Early Riser ™, I’d love to have a native guide to your species…)

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