What do you do with a broken doll?

Big D was given a baby doll by her idol/older-cousin, Alyssa, back when Big D was basically a baby herself. Ergo, said baby doll has had a rough life. She wasn’t all that well made to begin with, and, well, looks seriously worse for wear. For example, her legs keep falling off, and, inevitably, one has gotten lost.

Big D was very compassionate around her baby’s limblessness, helping her crawl as best she could, but it still made Big D sad. Wanting to keep her from sliding into pity (a very unpleasant emotion, imo, both in the giving and in the receiving), I mentioned prosthetics to her.

Glass eye made by my obscenely talented friend, Scott Fessler. Yes, it IS looking at you.

Well, that (naturally) led to Google and YouTube, and all sorts of conversations on their parts and memories of TMBG songs on mine. Beara was actually pretty disturbed by the images we saw (albeit nothing overly graphic), but was visibly pushing her emotional boundaries to learn something new, and Big D was just plain fascinated. She started looking at the spring steel prosthetic feet used by runners with lower leg amputations, at the variety of robotic arms and hands available, and was kind of morbidly fascinated by a prosthetic eye. I really should have seen it coming, but I didn’t.

“Can we make a prosthetic leg for Baby?”

Voila! What, you want me to sew her head back on, *too*? Sheesh! Tough crowd...

 So, I showed her how some prosthetic legs have a piece that wraps around the waist to secure it, and we got planning and building. (Most modern custom-made ones, I understand, are attached via suction, but that’s a bit above my pay-grade). 

Some cardboard from an empty paper towel roll and half a roll of masking tape later, and Baby had a new leg!  Her other limb doesn’t bend, so this one didn’t need to either, and it meets Big D’s main criteria of fitting through the leg opening of Baby’s romper

Big D is now experimenting with appropriate feet to add onto this assemblage.  So far one of our partially deflated universes is in the lead.

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  1. Siggi says:

    With thanks to Anna Worsley for being my comedy writer. I need all the help I can get.

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