Art that makes me laugh

Big D's flowers and Beara's Red Heart Ballons

I love that my girls not only share their art with me, but make it FOR me.  Happy Mom is Happy.

Big D told me about the flower picture.  She said that it showed long grass and short grass, as well as the flowers.  I asked her if she had added petals to some of them to make them monocots (3 or 6 petals), and she smiled proudly, glad that I’d noticed.  (A poorly worded maze in an old BrainQuest book led to our talking about monocots vs dicots the other day, believe it or not!)

Then she told me about the nectar.  She obviously gets that it is full of carbohydrates, and thus sweet, but has definately anthropormorphized her flavour choices.

Big D, L-R “This one is yogurt flavor, and this one is cherry.  The next one is yogurt again, and the last one is grass flavour.”  Too cute.

Beara apparently made the heart balloons for me during the week before Valentine’s Day, when we were all so sick, but it only just surfaced from her folder.

Daddyman, when I showed this to him last night, after the girls had gone to bed.  “Are there really nine balloons on there?” When I confirmed that there were, he broke into song: “Ni-ine red heart balloons, floating in a summer sky…”    Coincidentally, that particular blend of emo and perky sums Beara up pretty darned nicely. 

I still like it better in German.

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