Week in Review: Feb 12-20

I’ve already posted about Valentine’s Day, our experiments and art projects, how we tied fairy tales to space science, our Book Club outing, my new understanding of our kids, and Big D’s fun challenging me with math.  You’d be forgiven (oh my heck, yes) for thinking that we had already had a pretty darned packed week right there, but – lo! – these kids don’t stop, and there’s more!

The kids’ brains are really starting to enjoy looking at and experiencing cut paper work, but their hands just aren’t up creating much of their own yet.  Beara cut out a big heart on lines I drew for her, and successfully cut out a number of hearts on her own to stick onto it, all to make a lovely Valentine for moi, but their eyes seem be craving more intricate detail.  Ergo, I’ve been cutting intricate snowflake-like shapes out of scraps for them, which they’ve been coloring, and their new favorite thing is to color strings of paper dolls that I’ve been cutting for them.  Beara is even coloring both sides of each figure with the same colors, to show their clothes accurately, and is drawing faces and hair.  I’ve never been so happy to have our desk (and floor) covered in small pieces of paper in my life. 🙂

Oh, Anthony... (wikia)

Merlin and Buffy the Vampire viewings continue apace.  Between this and catching me watching Bones, we’ve been talking about the role of an actor; playing a character in one story, and a different one in another.  We also watched some more news from Egypt, so we’ve been discussing fiction vs non-fiction, stories vs documentaries/live footage/news coverage.  Important stuuf for my sensitive kids to understand: I don’t want them freaking when a character dies, but nor do I want them desensitized to real violence!  (On a side note, my tastes seem to have matured; Anthony Stewart Head is scrumptious!)

As I noted in the caption to the last photo in my post about our Big Bang experiment, it also includes Beara’s pictographic record of her lastest choreography plans.  She is really into arabesques right now, and is frustrated that her body won’t execute a spinning arabesque like she wants it to do.  (Asynchronous development for $300, please Alex.)

This made me all nostalgic, since I grew up near the Charles in Boston. (from photoeverywhere.co.uk)

Big D brought me one of her Playmobile oars the other day (go, pirates!), really curious about how they worked, so we spent 30+ minutes watching Youtube video of canoes, kayaks and crew teams rowing together, talking about oarlocks as lever fulcrums, forces pushing against the water to create movement (and how *some* part of your body has to be stationary to push against!), practicing the body motions for each style of rowing, and agreeing that it was really important to row together, so one person didn’t put the brakes on the system for everyone else! (She thinks being a coxswain is a really important job, and is impressed that four person crews can sync up without one!)

The one formal day of deskwork we did this week saw both girls flying through their HWT assignments; Beara is up through page 22 now, and D is up through 26.  This week WILL see us back into ETC, gosh darn it!  (Btw, I mark their assignments in advance – I put a circle around their starting page number, then mark a square around the page I’d like them to end on.  If they want to do more, they can, of course.  This lets us skip around books as needed, which helps us skip around busy/overly frustrating work easily.  Also?  Free!) 

Written in 2008, and on sale for $11.55 at Amazon, folks! 🙂

Vocab for the week has expanded our space science lingo:  solar system, universe, galaxy, big bang, atmosphere, planet, star, asteroid, and comet.  This week we’ll do the names of the planets, finally get the names of the seasons down (oops!), and hopefully move onto a day or two of atomic chemistry before moving on to either the Oparin hypothesis or early geologic formation, or both, as the kids want to proceed.  We’ve also moved over from fiction at bedtime to reading a few pages from their DK Space Encyclopedia instead.

The History Channel website has an interactive universe game, as well as a US states puzzle that Big D and I explored together this morning.  Yesterday she went on a big measuring kick, coming in to tell me how long something was (her pencil, her hand, her Duplo bus) in both inches and centimeters.   We were going to do deskwork yesterday, but with this and her estimation game happening, I dared not mess with her flow, so we skipped it. 

Shopping in bulk, just in case...

In other news, Daddyman had another job interview (yay!), we actully saw the sun and some melting (oi, our leaking roof), my van got towed out of the mud in our front yard (don’t ask), our Usborne Encyclopedia of World History arrived (oh-so-awesome, as you likely know), and I am now reading Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students, by Christine Fonseca.   My rational says we had the added benefit this week of *no one being sick*.  My superstitious brain thinks I just jinxed us.  >.<

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