“Estimate, Mama!”

Big D just walked into my room (where I was lounging in bed reading) with her drawing board in hand.  On it was a lovely picture of flowers, and I thought she was just showing me her artwork.  Nope!

D: “Estimate how many flowers, Mama!”

S: “Uh, eight!”

Then she put the board down on my legs and she counted them out.  “Nope!  Seven flowers!  Now estimate how many leaves there are on all the flowers.” I estimated 12.

D: “No, Mama, but close!  There are 11 leaves on the flowers.  You overestimated by one both times!”

Not bad for 8 AM on a Saturday morning!  🙂

Here’s a picture of the flowers she asked me to estimate number of parts for during round two.  This time she added big leaves as well, just to give me more to do!

We absolutely LOVE these Fisher-Price magnetic drawing boards. No pencils to lose, and my perfectionistic girl can quickly redo something she isn't happy with, and not use a ream of paper in the process!

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