Love, our way

It took some serious mental adjustment to understand that I could have a satisfying relationship without ‘needing’ the intensity of drama to spice things up.  My husband is a boyscout, and a sweetheart, and a good man; all those things that sounded boring back in my youth, and made someone likely to get the ‘but I value you as a friend’ speech.

Ergo, I’m really enjoying my transformation; a relatively drama free relationship  is SO much more satisfying than I could have even imagined.  Yes, I’d sometimes like to see more of the FRONT of his head (rather than the back, as he sits at his computer), but lately he’s been coming in to watch a couple of episodes of Buffy with me a day, and we are having some really interesting conversations, as well.  We’ve made it out of the ‘every word is about the children/house because we don’t have time for more’ phase, and I’m LOVING it. 

Thus it was that when our dear friend called early on Valentine’s Day morning, rousing Daddyman and me out from under the covers, to announce that he was on our doorstep with doughnuts, *we both laughed* and got dressed while our friend let himself in. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled that our Valentine’s Day was marked by our having spent so much quality time together lately that having an unexpected houseguest didn’t supplant any special romanticness of the day.  It enhanced it, in fact, since we could welcome our dear friend into our home, and let all of our love for each other wash over him, too. 

Our house might be a mess, but our love for one another overflows and calls others to our door.  I might like a tidier house, but we definately have our priorities straight! 

So, Daddyman, thanks for walking with me.  This journey is made better by taking it with you!

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2 Responses to Love, our way

  1. Greg Strong says:

    I had a wonderful time exchanging ideas with you, Daddyman, and the kids.

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