Week in Review

Writing this one early, so I don’t feel the pressure to actually make more of today than it wants to be.  We are all still sick!  Buddy and Beara both got H1N1 in the UK, but no headcold-like symptoms with it, and Big D has never had a respiratory flu at all, so this is really a new experience for them.  Big D keeps saying that her nose is wet!  We were a little nervous about Buddy’s breathing in the night, since it sounded like he was having trouble a couple of times, but he coughed through it, and is fine this morning, thank goodness. 

Despite all of this, the learning continues.   

Big D started investigating her Judy clock, and wrote out the big letters off her brother’s new Wolverine punching bag (godsend, that thing), even duplicating the broad strokes by drawing her first ever outlined letters!  She has been doing a lot of this sort of thing with environmental print lately.  Earlier this week, when I was behind on dishes and using a measuring cup for my morning Carnation Instant Breakfast (full disclosure, folks!), she wrote down “1 cup 2 cups 1 pint PYREX”!  It took me a minute to catch on (I *was* sick), but isn’t that cool?  She doesn’t seem interested in copying words she sees on paper, and we don’t have a lot of environmental print otherwise, so she’s really hunting around.  I also asked the gang how many chocolate chips we had if each of us (the kids and I) had three chips each.  We’d already eaten them, and I thought, if they tried it at all, that they’d go use manipulatives, or a drawing, but Big D did it *in her head* in under ten seconds.  O.o   I guess that multiplication story book we read the other day wasn’t as over their heads as I thought it might be.  (They picked it, I complied!)  Oh, and we finally got into Gudli by using my Facebook to log in.  Some of the games were way too easy, but we found a nice math one that is right in their zone of proximal development, so yeah!

Beara has been having a rough week.  She started off sick, then got better, then got bored when the *rest* of us got sick.  She’s taken to being deliberately irritating so she can get some attention, but her patience is still recovering from being ill, and by the time Daddyman or I finish what we’re doing to pay attention to her, we’re so fed up with her (being sick ourselves) that our quality time isn’t so much.  The only learning she has shown evidence of this week is a mastery of how to push our buttons!  (Yes, that is valid learning in my book – watching and experimenting with people enough to make us THIS crazy?  That is some *serious* awareness of the minds of others!)   She has also made a lot of Valentine’s, glitter glue and all.  🙂

Buddy is being a trooper.  A whiny one, but still, who can blame him?  He’s still being his generous self, and, aside from some confusion over whose Valentine’s he had the right to cut up, and some territoriality over his spot next to me in Big Bed, he’s had a banner week for a kid this sick.  He gifted me with a spider he’d drawn, with his trademark straight mouth and circle eyes, and it even has eight legs!  He surprised the heck out of me the other day, adding up the sum of his dice rolls just as well as his sisters could.  Buddy also turned two and a half this week!  His sisters world at his age was confined to what I could deal with with his little newborn self around.  Hís world is *vast* by comparison.  Buddy at pushing five is going to be a sight to behold, I think.  (Oi.)

Ok, three content-filled posts in two days is my limit for when I feel this craptastic.  I’ll edit this to put in pictures of Beara’s Valentines, Big D’s outlined letters, and Buddy’s spider when my head stops spinning enough to tell if my camera is in focus or not.  Have a good weekend, folks, and Don’t Get Sick!

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