Week in review: Jan31-Feb4 2011

This week was pretty casual, and definitely eclectic.  Interest-lead learning all the way!

  • Formal homeschooling three mornings this week, and one of them was a flop, but we did our calendar time each day, and recorded the weather dutifully, and rather dramatically due to the snow.  Vocab just one day, but got in both HWT (Beara finished her review, and went back into her book, which she likes better), and ETC one day each. 
  • I owe Webkinz an apology.  The girls aren’t quite up to most of it, but they like it anyway, and the games are ALL mentally challenging, at least as you go up in levels.  We are checking in on their puppy once or twice a day, and I love watching their skills improve, esp at the puzzles, which Buddy can do (almost) entirely by himself.
  • The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; all three kids are NASA buffs like Daddyman and I am, and Beara, as I have said before, wants to go to the moon when she is six.  In addition to drawing space stations and lunar colonies this week (see Big D’s picture below), and making Mars, space, station, lunar, and colony our vocabularly words for the week  (yes, week not day – we were slackers), we read three great books this week to help her prepare:   What is the moon like? by Franklyn M Branlyn, If you decide to go to the moon by Faith McNulty, and You are the first kid on Mars by Patrick O’Brian.  I can fully recommend any of them!  (Images from Amazon, books from our library.) We also watched some videos of the International Space Station, including this one, documenting the first broadcast from the ISS done in ASL, which we all use a little in our daily round. 

After looking at many artists' and scientists' ideas for what lunar colonies would look like, Big D drew this.

  • We worked more on skip counting by fives and tens, in prep for starting to learn how to read analog clocks next week, including counting out yet more chocolate chips, and doing some rhythmic choreography. 
  • We listened (and danced) to samba and merengue music, and Beara asked me to teach her how to tango.  We also went sledding (see last post)!
  • On a subject equally tangental, we watched almost all of the first season of Merlin on Hulu plus.  One of Daddyman’s criticisms of SOTH, which we’ll be working with come spring, is that it presents religious myths as history.  I told him that I’d preface them appropriately, but also thought it would be fun to share with our kids some of the base mythos of *our* culture; ie Arthur and Merlin.  The show is of their early years, is well done (even if the clothing isn’t), and every single episode has spurred wonderful discussions about morality and justice, plus a few have lead to conversations about friendship and/vs leadership.  Good stuff.  If anyone knows a good screen version of the Mabinogion, let me know.  >:)


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4 Responses to Week in review: Jan31-Feb4 2011

  1. Dawn says:

    I love your blog! Do you know if that Merlin series was based on books originally? I have not heard of that before. Thanks! Dawn

    • Siggi says:


      In reading about the series the other day, I found that it was, in fact, based on the success of the Smallville (Superman) series; show the hero as young and his talents as hidden, then show his rise to glory. Formulaic of them, but it seems to work for me! 😉

      Yeah, the series is British, and they’ve only just finished the third season, and start filming the fourth in March. 🙂

  2. My kids really like Webkinz! I was a bit mortified when a friend first gave all of my children “pets” and subscriptions, but they’ve really enjoyed their time there over the years. My oldest (nearly 13) is over it by now and her 11 y/o sister is mostly done as well, but 7 y/o Jack still really enjoys it and I think 3 y/o Alex is going to inherit his sister’s animals soon. 🙂

    I have also been known to say “do 30 questions of Quizzy’s Corner in two subjects and you can do xyz”!

    • Siggi says:

      My girls still need me to read/do pretty much everything for them, but they can play the games in their puppy’s room by themselves, as can their two year old brother! They got their puppy as a Christmas present from my neice, and at first I was thinking ‘there goes the neighborhood’, but I’m actually pretty impressed. Enough so that I’ve spent more than a few nights, after they are all in bed, playing Cash Cow! >.<

      We've done a couple of Quizzy's Corner categories, but I find it funny that the 'lowest' target group is still older than my girls! That notwithstanding, they *rocked* the shark questions!

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