Well, I completely spaced Wordless Wednesday this week, but since I wrote two Secular Thursday posts days *ahead* of schedule, I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  What I AM going to do, is show you pictures of our first ever sledding advanture yesterday!  🙂

(ETA: Wow, you really can’t tell from these shots, since we packed down the snow where we pushed off from, but the fresh powder was almost *too* fresh; the girls were literally up to their hips in snow: 20+”, and Buddy couldn’t even begin to navigate the fresh powder by himself.  Great runs, though, and we *definately* want to get in some more in the next few weeks!)

Buddy, in hand-me-down snowsuit, gets ready for his next run.

Beara gets a ride so she doesn't sink in up to her hips!

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