Definately not ideal

I have ideals.  I *try* to live up to them.  I do pretty well, IMO, but, well, sometimes I have to make compromises.  My girls didn’t take to nursing (lousy advice from my lactation consultants), so I pumped for them for 22 months, until I was four months pregnant with their brother.  We coslept with the girls for six weeks, but then they got mobile, and our queen sized bed just wasn’t big enough for four of us, so they shared a crib until six months.  Sure, I still kick myself whenever one of the girls acts in a less than perfectly well attached manner, but hey – what was I supposed to do?  Right?

Anyway my car got shot yesterday, shattering the rear window, and I’m taking my kids sledding anyway.

That wasn’t as much of a non-sequitor as it might appear at first glance: we only have the one car, our Dodge minivan, that can hold all three car seats, my kids have never really been sledding (formerly baby brother being the reason, but this is still practically grounds for getting exiled up here in VT), and the body shop has to wait for parts anyway. 

So, the back of our van is strewn with glass, but it doesn’t come up as far as the seats.  The window is wide open to the elements (including the 20″ of snow we got yesterday), but if we’re going sledding *anyway* it isn’t like we aren’t going to be getting cold regardless. 

The sun is shining, and fresh powder is calling…

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